A/N: another English assignment! Not as light, freestyle (oh gods! What have I done?), this time we're "painting a picture with words" (a direct quote, I swear!) of a scene in the Odyssey. I chose (as you may have guessed) the land of the dead! By the way, I know how this looks, but I maintain that I by no means consider myself a poet. I am a writer! My poetry is terrible and is only ever completed for English assignments. Now that that's cleared up, let me just say-

READ! ENJOY! REVIEW! (flames welcome as I always enjoy a good laugh)

All of my love to you all,

~Shades of Grey

Land of the Dead

Shades surround me

Troubled and pained

Crying in anguish at their personal hell

Ghosts of men I once knew

Tell their heartbreaking stories

Translucent gray

I look through my Companions in war

Green-gray fog billows around my feet

Mixing into the forms of the shades

The beast I have sacrificed

Spills its blood across the

Earth? No, Hades.

We have left the Earth behind

The smell of fresh-drawn blood is potent

Attracting the shades to it

I drive them off, Tiresias must drink first

Dead eyes stare through me

Lifeless drones no longer with purpose

Is this the fate for all of us?

Eerily silent? Gray? Dark? Cold?

No light shines through the heavy clouds,

Nearly black, hanging low

Trapping the dead

The dank, musty air clings to my skin

A shades brushes my arm

A haunted thrill runs up my spine

This is the land of the dead.