My Soul

Eyes, the color of old blood, stared out at me from the Darkness of Shadows.

I know who He is – and what He wants…still.

"Why do you want me?" I ask, foolishly letting my fear show in my words.

"Foolish question. You know the answer." A harsh cold voice replies from the Darkness of Shadows behind those eyes.

"Y-you don't own me," I stammer, taking a step back, away from those eyes and what they represent.

He chuckled, the sound like ice blowing over the glades. The sound made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

I shivered.

"Oh, your right about that," I stared at Him as I shivered not from cold but from fear. "I don't own your body, true," the eyes wrinkled at the sides showing that He smiled, "But your soul – which isn't a soul – is mine."

"NO!" I stumbled back, shaking my head in denial, "NO! You lie! It's not true. I HAVE A SOUL!" I screamed trying to run, but not turn my back on Him.

His laugh was like metal nails on a chalkboard, "Oh, but you see it is true. You don't have a true soul."

"What do you want with me?" I screamed in fear as much as rage.

"What I've always wanted and still do." He stepped out of the Darkness of Shadows.

He had no true shape, his body parts constantly changing between human and animal, never the same pattern twice.

Everything changed except the eyes the color of old blood and the human like mouth.

He smiled showing sharp canine teeth, walking forward He held out His ever-changing arms, "Come to me my sweet. My Queen."

Eyes wide, I turned my back on Him and ran.

Ran as the mocking laughter followed me until…

I fell into a pit… fell, fell, fell, fell.

I fell until strong arms caught me, stopping my fall.

Looking up to see the face of the person who had stopped my fall.

I looked into His ever-changing face. And the eyes the color of old blood.

"No!" Scrambling I flung myself out of His arms. Stumbling backward until I hit a black, smooth wall. Bringing my hands up I circled my neck. Weeping, I prayed, whispering quietly, to the Lord of Brightness of Light.

He chuckled, "He no more cares about you than you have a real soul." Walking forward He gently took my weak, non-resisting hands away from my neck.

I cried silently as his human like lips kissed my neck…

Gasping I bolted upright.

My straining eyes made out the dim shapes of the expensive furnishings in my room. Crying in relieve, I tried to tell myself it was only a dream, nothing more nothing less.

Then I felt something warm, and wet trickling down my neck. Reaching up with a shaking hand I gingerly touched the wetness, my cold hand burning the flesh on my neck. Taking my trembling hand away, I tasted the wetness on my hand with the tip of my tongue. Half screaming, half wailing, I through my head back, then buried it in my cold trembling hands.

As blood slowly trickled from the two deep marks in my neck. And blood not my own warped my body into a beast, one not living, and not dead. I cried.

I cried for what I thought I had.

I cried for what I never had.

I cried for what I never will have.

A soul.

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