The Cottage

There is a small cottage in the woods, covered with ivy and jasmine.

The willow trees gently brush the ground. The flowers and herbs in their stone beds, turn their faces up to the sun.

The birds chirp and sing, the morning song.

The Winds blow gently though the trees and grass. Making the willows blush and sigh at the caress. The grass ripples with pleasure in the near by field.

Sharp sent of herbs flow though the garden: rosemary, sage, catnip, mint, witch hazel, and many more I can't name.

Fresh air and the spicy sent of trees, blend with the sharp sent of herbs.

I gently touch the warm doorknob of the cottage door, and push the door open.

The inside of the cottage is plane; a simple fireplace, a worktable, a few comfortable chairs, an over stuffed bookshelf, and cabinets filled with neatly labeled jars. Herbs of all kinds hang from the low ceiling; soft morning light filters though the windows.

Calm, peacefulness, and love wash though me.

I am Home.