This is surprisingly NOT a CCS fic! *everyone gasps and faints* Nope, its completely something else. I jus thought of this kinda setting, and decided to post it. Hope you like the change! Enjoy! ^_^

Tree: Prologue:

The rain splatters on the dirt, as a dark figure hurriedly runs toward a large tree. In her arms is a small green bundle that was whimpering softly. The figure frantically tries to run faster, but at the same time, she soothes the little bundle. Because of this, a camouflaged log was unnoticed, and she sprawled over it. Getting up, her eyes traveled up a huge cloaked figure in front of her. He laughed evilly.

"Did you think you could actually escape from me? HA! A fool to even think anything near that preposterous idea."

The man took a step forward the weeping figure, his sneering ugly face coming into view.

"For this I curse you! And your cute little daughter here. Who was SUPPOSE to be the grand princess of the magic kingdom. Makes me laugh when I think that such a weakling could be the princess."

The man began to chant, his eyes becoming red. Evil surrounded him, and could be felt by the woman. She took a step back, knowing and hating what he was doing. He then, closed his eyes, reached out and touched the baby, then disappeared. The woman slowly got up and caressed the beautiful baby.

"I will protect you...Sara..." She whispered as she vanished into the night.


This is an ultra short chapter, but its just the prologue. K? more will come soon!