A/N: About a month ago it was my birthday, so I wrote this miserably stupid poem. I found it on the floor just now when I was cleaning my room.


Today Is My Birthday


Today is my birthday

And since I have to much free time

I got out some paper

And wrote myself this rhyme.

Today is my birthday

I'm turning thirteen

I sure hope that I don't

Rupture my spleen.

Today is my birthday

It's my birthday, whoopee!

I'm hopin' and prayin'

I don't get chewed up by fleas.

Today is my birthday

It's my birthday today

I sure hope the monkeys

Don't carry me away.

Today's not YOUR birthday!

Yeah, it's mine instead!

I hope that big rock there

Doesn't fall on my head.

Today is my birthday

And I'm no longer a child (A/N: *Giggle, snort* Yeah, whatever.)

I hope I don't get lost

And die alone in the wild.

Today is my birthday

And I know these things won't happen

So for writing this dumb poem

I should get a good, hard slappin'.