~this is about one of my friends, and even through all the hurt's she's caused me, something keeps making me go back to her. It was written one time when I was upset, so it probably doesn't make coherent sense~

Emotional Attraction

A single tear rolls down my face

Yet again I fall from grace

I wonder if there's something wrong

With me; so wrong

I try to act like I belong

What I say is never right

I keep losing this losing fight

And when you respond the way you do

There is nothing I can do.

I wish I could forget that you were there

Turn my thoughts without a care

Block all that I reminisce

But no, I can't, I am going to miss

Everything you are

Everything by far

I have an emotional attraction

I never have any satisfaction

What I want from you you can't give

It makes me think if I want to live

I hate that I seem to bring you grief

Nothing that you say brings any relief

Because you mean the world to me

All you say is hopelessly

Causing a dagger inside my heart

And then the pain begins to start

I'm always worrying for your needs

Stocked up advice hiding in my sleeves

Advice you never seem to want

And then I wonder if I fail

To be the one that masts your sail

To let you go on this cheerless day

I just seem to be getting in the way

Please be aware, I am sorry for my action

Sometimes too much I care, I have an emotional attraction