~I wrote this for a book I'm working on called A Black Horizon, so I guess that's what I'll call it. Its about a young couple who are having an affair, and one feeling stronger for the other than they do for him~

A Black Horizon

When we are together

All I can think of is when we are apart

I can't help but think the time we share

Is slowly breaking my heart

I wish there was some self-control

I wish we could make time stand still

To make our time more worthwhile

And not some passion pill

I'm not regretting what we do

I'm not saying that I want it to stop

I just feel like it's the build up to a fall

A painful, endearing drop

When I look at you, I can see

All the many colours in your eyes

When we're up that close and almost one

That's when the time flies

It's like a perfect state

One I never want to leave

And when you wrap your arms around my neck

I lose my strength to breathe

Every minute my heart does get

A little fonder of you, and I know

With utmost hurt and fright

That this feeling is only going to grow

There will come a day when

What we have is not enough

And even looking at each other

Is going to be too tough

I wonder if you think this too

Or you just see what you feel

You have that silly smile on your face

But I wonder if it's real

I'm not the only one you share

That is plain to see

I wonder so you compare us two

And are contemplating a three

You take up room inside my heart

For you, I have a place reserved in my life

That you seem to ignore, leaving

The gaps filled with pain and strife

Your lips on mine and when we move

It's like the most natural thing ever

But then it disappears like mist in the sun

The remains of my endeavour

The day you go, the day we part

Instead of one we will be two

Then that's the day I resort to all

And say that I love you

So whether you stay or choose to go

I lay here waiting for my fate

'cos it feels so right with you by my side

I never want to leave this state