It was one of those lazy days, the ones where you never know quite what to do but you know your bored. The day had slipped by slowly but Chris continued, he continued his practice, swing, slash, thrust, chop, cleave, knock down, black, parry, evade, counter, slice. The sword swung with an awesome might and flashed in the dim lights and continued it's practiced attacks deep into the evening. He continued about this for quite some time in fact, and while this happened something great and terrible began to happen that would change Chris, it would change him for the rest of his life.

"It has begun! The child has grown to know a blade, Calathord's heir has fulfilled the prohphecy! We must act quickly and take the woman he loves before the spirit awakens in him!" hissed a voice urgently from behind the dark figures throne, a throne made from the skeletons of the inhabitants many kills, and so the figure stole away from the throne into the darkness gathering a nearby sword, it's black blade gleaming in the little light from the moon. Away the figure went to a small house, simple waving at it's door and walking in without a noise, melding into the shadows and going directley to a door. With another wave of it's hand the door opened for the figure and inside it went, quickly to the bed inhabited by a young beautiful girl, and, reaching inside it's robe and sprinkling a dust on the sleeping girl it disappeared along with the girl, who was having a horrid nightmare about a dragon and her true love.

Having actually gone to bed several hours earlier Chris woke with a start, the words "Calathord's heir..." ringing in his ears, making him remember something he never knew. Suddeneley a bright light started shining from the bottom of his closet door, and with a bang the door itself flew open to expose a bright white light shining out totally illuminating the room and the closet, and out of the light a voice came, saying "Awaken Spirit of Calathord! Ye, who are Calathord's true heir, and sword brother, Reborn! Ye must save these lands and the one you love most from the clutches of evil. For this ye shall have these!" and from the light a sheathed sword floated out and set itself upon the foot of Chris' bed, then a fine suit of armor, light plate mail, the shined silver of it reflected the light and gave it a glow, "Ye shall seek out Tehlanit, he will help you from there, also ye may find a few other gifts from ye ancesters about, namely, Thunderhoof!" and with that it all disappeared, Chris feeling quite overwhelmed with it all promptly fell unconcious and in a state not unlike a coma slept off the rest of the night, and well into the morning too.

As conciousness crept upon Chris the light crept in through his windows lighting his room and shining on his face. Slowly coming to Chris remembered the crazy dream he had about a voice and a light in his closet, finally urging himself to get up he sat up in bed and pushed back some blankets only to find a sword and a suit of fine armor in his room. Wide eyed and fearfully Chris stood up and picked the sword up, a heavy 3 and a half foot long sword, not unlike his own. Setting the sword down again he eyed over the armor, a fine suit of armor it was indeed, a light and durable breastplate with 9 stars engraved on it and a Celtic knot about the edges. Captivated by just the brestplate Chris hastily put on some proper clothes and then put the Breastplate on, to his amazement it was amazingly light and he had a pretty good freedom of movemtn even with it on and continuing with the armor he put the pauldrons on and then the leather gloves, no gauntlets and somehow Chris knew why not right away, gautlets are too heavy for a swordsman to fight effectively. 'How did I know that!?' Chris thought to himself but he quickly put it aside and slipped the leather boots over his foot and the strapped the fine greaves onto his legs. He reached over by instinct he didn't know he had strapped the warbelt on with the sheathed sword and strapped it about his waist, The armor and sword on he looked the perfect example of a knight, despit lacking a cloak or sheild, but that could be fized easily. Continuing about playing with his new toys something caught in the back of his mind, 'Thunderhoof!' a voice told him from within his head, and with that Chris exited his own room and went out to his yard, which was currentley occupied by a rather large and fin Warhorse. Chris let out a gasop and the hors looked up at him and seemed to recognize him, it walked over to Chris and nuzzled affectionately at him, and he simply patted it still amazed at the sudden appearance of a warhorse in his backyard. The shock finaly wearing away Chris looked at the horse more intently and noticed it had already been saddled and set to ride, with saddlebags included. Mounting the horse with unknown skill and grace Chris quickly clopped around his yard a few times and then rode up to the gate and let himself out. Still amazed over all hat had happened to him and that no one seemed to have noticed a 15 year in armor and on a horse riding down a street Chris went on his way wondering where he could find a person named Tehlanit.