Double Personality

This is a beginning, of the end!


It was early morning. The sun rising above the colorful trees. Among the many hills was a waterfall that fell like crystals flowing down the side of a broad mountain.

Up the river was a grand field. Here was a wolf cub. Her wings glistened in the morning sun. She could stand up on two legs like a human. Her white fur had a rainbow shimmer and her eyes golden as the morning sun.

Many times she would stretch her broad wings, flapping them wildly barely lifting off the ground, but failed. Suddenly, a tall gray wolf appeared and helped her with some pointers. He pushed her forward.

"Now try it." He said.

Then the young flapped her wings then glided upward. Leaves flew up in a wild rush behind her.

"Wow!" She exclaimed in great awe.

It wasn't long to the older wolf followed.

"Here I come!" He warned playfully.

She giggled gliding a little faster to escape.

Minuets passed and they landed on a tall hill and watched the final rising of the sunrise.

The gray wolf put his paw on her shoulder speaking to the cub, "One day, all this will be yours. And I know you will make it better than before."

She gazed toward him smiling.

"Remember this Goldenpaw." He told her.

"I will." She replied.

^^^ ß This is a "paw"


That evening the worst had come. Goldenpaw, the young wolf cub, was listening to her Mother and Father's dreadful decision. The tall older wolf was there too.

Goldenpaw's mother stuttered in sadness, "Take care of Goldenpaw. She's our last chance."

The father stepped away from the window. He was distressed and grave for the situation.

"Goldenpaw," He called and the little wolf's golden eyes starring as she listened intently, "Your going to need these. Don't open it until you arrive at the cave. Understood?"

"Yes, dad."

A loud explosion shuddered the windows. Fires burned wildly outside.

The Mother kneeled down eye level of her daughter, "Now, Goldenpaw, you're going to leave with Nightrider."

Goldenpaw gazed outside. Worry had washed over her. Not for herself, but for her family. She wouldn't leave. With out her beloved parents. No one to guide her except for Nightrider. Goldenpaw became so worried a small tear and worry.

"I don't want to leave." Goldenpaw's child like voice stuttered slightly but was able to hide her fears and worry.

Her mother put her hands on Goldenpaw's cheeks, "Just remember the good times, but most of all, remember that we will be with you always."

Goldenpaw knodded.

"Now be brave. Listen to Nightrider."

"Yes, mom. I love you both."

At that time the invaders were getting close. Her father yelled, "Get out of here! Now!"

Goldenpaw and Nightglider fled out the back door running through the forest. The only light was the soft glow of the moon above. The air thick with smoke and ash. Looking to the hills behind both Nightrider and Goldenpaw, was a horrible battle. Goldenpaw saw her home invaded by humans. She winced as they murdered her parents. Sadness drained her focus and tears danced down her shimmery rainbow face.

Nightglider put his hand on the cub's shoulder. His face was shown with great sorrow.

"Come on." He said gently with a slight pull.

Goldenpaw knodded with a sniffle and pushed forward wiping her tears away with her for arm.

They climbed hills to what seemed like hours of walking. Goldenpaw had spread her wings to fly but Nightglider scolded her for doing so. She put back her ears and folded her wings sighing from weariness.

Pressing forward up the steep hill Nightglider shouted behind him, "Just a little further."

Goldenpaw grabbed another rock to pull herself up when suddenly it slipped and she nearly fell to her death, but Nightglider grabbed her arm in time. He pulled her on his back. Apparently, the rock cut a deep wound in her leg.

"Hang on tight." Nightglider called.

Goldenpaw grabbed around his neck tightly.

They reached the top of the hill and Goldenpaw saw the gruesome battle. Bright red flames blew wildly every where.

The village she lived in was demolished. Goldenpaw shuttered in fear. Never in her worst of nightmares compared to what she seen here.

"Nightglider, can you put me down?" she asked.

He set her down, slowly letting go so she could gain her balance.

Nightglider asked calmly, "Do you think you could make it up that hill?"

He pointed to the East at a darkened hill with a cave in it.

"Is that where we're going?" Goldenpaw asked weakly.

"Yes." He replied.

The battle had snuck upon them. Nightglider looked at the man leading the group of raging men. Startled he yelled, "Jackobon!"

Goldenpaw turned, "Who?"


The man saw the two wolves.

"Get them!" He called out.

The soldiers ran after them. Nightglider looked behind them. "Goldenpaw, get ready to fly."

But it was too late. The soldier ahead of the rest threw a small bomb. Nightglider grabbed Goldenpaw tossing her out of the way, and at the same moment, was hit in the chest.

Goldenpaw cried out, "No! Nightglider!" as she ran to him.

She saw the wound. Kneeling down to the suffering wolf, she poured tears. Everything seemed to stop.

"Here, Take this Goldenpaw. Now go to the cave." He informed.

"I'm not leaving you."

"Goldenpaw… you must. For our world." Nightglider replied as his breath left him.

A rush of feeling escaped into anger. Everything changed. She pulled the mighty sword from Nightglider's belt.

As the soldiers came running toward her she called out, "This is for my friends, family, and my people. For I am Goldenpaw and I declare myself protector of this world."

She fought the soldiers in honorary battle.

But the strangest thing happened. The battle cries, voices of people dying filled her head. She stood sword tip on the ground all her dignity, faith, personality, left her expressionless. Her breath deep and heavy. Then suddenly…

Chapter 1: Together again

… A loud noise struck the young girl up. Her breath deep and fast paced. Turning the alarm off, she slowly calmed down.

"It must have been a dream." She mumbled to herself.

After slipping on her school clothes the young girl stepped down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Down the kitchen her older brother, Sean, was eating cereal.

"Hey, sis," he called, "Gonna eat that wheat puff cereal again?"

She replied with a mocking smile, "Hi. My name is Jacquillinn. I just thought I would say, at least I don't eat cocoa smellables."

Jacquillinn rolled her eyes and reached for a bowl.

The mother walked in.

"Sean are you teasing your sister again?" She sighed disgusted.

"No mom. Just expressing my opinion."

Jacquillinn stepped in rudely, "Where did you get that language from? The professor at school?"

"Shut up!" He replied.

"Make me!" Jacquillinn shot back.

Their mother stepped in once more only in a frustrated tone, "All right you two. Say one more word or no allowance this week."

Jacquillinn sighed and continued making her cereal. She poured herself a glass of iced tea and sat down at the table.

About ten minuets later Jacquillinn put away her dishes and grabbed her things to walk with her friends to school.

On the way she met her friends. They were talking the average pep talk, when a new boy walked past them. He knocked Jacquillinn over. The boy stopped and turned to help her up. Quickly he looked at her neck. A birthmark shaped as a paw surprised him.

"She's one of us." The boy thought to himself.

"I think you need to watch where you're…" Jacquillinn began when she gazed in his eyes, "…you're… going."

"I'm sorry…"


"Ah, Jacquillinn my name is Josh. It's an honor, I mean nice to meet you."

Jacquillinn knodded, "It's nice to meet you too."

"Well, I guess I'll see you at school."

"Yeah, right."

Josh left with a smile on his face. He spoke quietly, "I found her Master."

Jacquillinn continued to stare at Josh when one of her friends said, "Jacquillinn, come on. We're going to be late."

"Oh, yeah."

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