"Hurry up or we'll miss the first class!" I whined as I waited for Dustin to get his stuff together.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying. Not like I can get everything together when you're blocking my way like that though." Laughing, I stepped aside so that he could reach around me and grab some of his books. "Besides," he continued. "We won't miss the class. The only thing that could go wrong is that we're late by a couple minutes."

"Your point being what? You know I like being early."

"Yeah, early enough to get settled in and then falling asleep five minutes into lecture."

"That was only in chem and only because it was at eight in the morning," I protested.

"So what? You always try and get eight hours of sleep every night. You have no excuse to fall asleep then."

"Let me guess. You blame falling asleep during every bio lecture last year on your lack of sleep because of playing Counterstrike or talking with your roommate."

"Of course, but you also forgot my excuse that having lecture at that time was terrible also."

"Oh just hurry up then. You know I still have to get used to riding my bike again." He flashed a triumphant smile when I couldn't come up with anything better.

"Thanks for reminding me. I'll try and keep it slow so you can keep up," he smirked.

Fifteen minutes later, we were nearing our building and I turned to look at my biking partner. "I thought you worked out this summer. Wasn't that your plan before we even left here in spring?"

"Yeah, that was the plan," he puffed. "But then there was summer school and then all the working..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard that already."

He pretended to glare at me but ended up laughing with me.

Soon enough, the two of us were walking into one of the larger lecture halls at UCD. We looked around, trying to find any familiar faces, smiling and waving hi to those we knew. Then we heard our names being called somewhere further down, closer to the front of the room. "Dustin! Ashley! Down here!"

I heard her first and tried to find the source of that familiar voice. I beamed when I saw who it was. Taking him by his backpack while being mindful of the stairs, I dragged Dustin down to the fourth row and sat down next to Emily where she was saving us seats. The two of us girls hugged and cried out our hellos while Dustin sat on the other side of me and waited. "Hey Emily, nice to see you again."

"Oh totally. How was your summer?"

I let the two talk and catch up as I pulled out a notebook and pen for class. When there was a lull in the conversation, I looked at the two and smiled. "Isn't it weird? Here we are, back at bio just like old times."

"At least it's not with what's her name. God, that class was so boring. 'She' was so boring."

I laughed again. Just then, the professor turned on his microphone, signaling the start of class. Most of us settled down for the next fifty minutes, hearing what the professor had to say about the class, the expectations, and everything else that had to be said in the opening lecture. I found myself reading right along with the man's syllabus. 'I just hope that class will be interesting this time around,' I thought in my head just as we started the real lecture for the last twenty minutes.

The next day, the three of us were already there sitting, laughing it up as always when a voice interrupted us. "Is this seat taken?"

Some guy stood next to me where a free chair remained open. "Go ahead, it's free." I ignored him and turned to Dustin and Emily again to see what few seconds' worth of conversation I'd missed. Then I heard his voice again. "Yo, Dustin?"

Dustin, who was next to me, stopped midsentence of some joke he was trying to tell when he heard that voice. He looked past me and finally took notice of who sat next to me. "Jacob! What's up? Long time, no see man!"

I forced myself back into my seat as Dustin and the other guy suddenly reached in front of me to greet each other. Laughing, Dustin introduced us. "Emily, Ashley, this is Jacob. Jacob, meet Emily and Ashley."

I mumbled a quick hello before Dustin started talking in earnest to Jacob, both of them ignoring the fact that I was in between them. They continued to talk even after I'd offered to switch seats with either of them and they'd declined, apologizing for bothering me and yet talking again soon after. I looked to Emily for help but she'd busied herself with something else before lecture started. And once lecture did start, it was all I could do to keep from yelling at the two to be quiet. I don't think that any of them noticed when I left after lecture, grumbling to myself and more than a little irritated with how things had gone on only the second day of class.