Only a man

You take things too seriously Chopping my words with a subjective blade Splitting up what I meant Into lover's babble It hurts Like a conversation hangover Did you honestly expect touch to be the Bearer of love? Stop calling our inevitable Falling out A "Break-Up." WAKE UP WOMAN! Take your place as a Feminine grain In the egg timer of my youth Tumble- As you do so well when you're drunk- Over the others- Through the time of your importance, Into a whirlwind of leftover friendships. Fall, child. Perhaps the impact might help Osmose the conclusion From your many miniscule companions That you were a fucking mistake! A fling a meaningless thing, a . scotch tape girl. "He's a dick, a prick with a skull so thick glances bearing loving staring Ricochet to his feet!" Give me a label. Whore, Slut, Asshole, But just try and make it stick. Just as an ant cannot carry a shoe, A man as me cannot bear a homogenized label. For I am only a man, And man I did a very manish thing. Deal with it! Put it in your pocket! I hope it burns a fucking hole, And falls through And you forget, As I will forget you!