Beauty is Seen…

In the great oak tree, the sweet green grass,

The silver fish in the clear sweet water, on in the herds of horses and buffalo.

Beauty is Heard…

In the morn when the Earth is waking and the birds are calling the sun up,

Or in the quiet murmur of the nearby stream on a moonlit night.

Beauty is in Yourself…

Happiness rides on the edge of your eyes where the smile is worn.

Wisdom sets in your eyes like the spirit in the moon.

Where you've lived shows on your grave face, where the seasons have worn you.

In your hands life was given and has bloomed, in the way you know the land and the Seasons that are to come, and even in the tears that fall for a loved one when they pass to Summer's gate.

Beauty is in the Earth…

Where the leaves have fallen on cold Winter nights, and how the seasons come in an Endless cycle of life and death.

If you treat the Earth well, the Earth will treat you well in return,

And give you protection in Winter and food in the hard times.

The Earth loves the ones that live upon her,

No matter how they treat her.