God is the occult secret of the Universe. The Answer is in Genesis. Genesis might be a bunch of fragment, but those fragments tell us something.

God created man in His own image, and likeness. I suspect that that is the key. God is a creative force, and so are we. He told Adam " Increase and multiply." That's what the first organic cells did, increased and multiplied. Not merely changed shape but replicated themselves. God is a creative force. He made the whole universe out of himself through cell division.

Let's say that devils/demons use to be angles, Now let's say that they are full of envy, I mean. They are not creative creatures; they have no bodies, no form of suspicion - that God was making a mistake in making another engine of creativity in Adam, so like himself. I mean with all the replicating cells, but thinking, talking beings who could increase and multiply? They were probably outraged by the whole experiment. That was their sin.

Now, if mankind is the image and likeness of God then God has a body, and the secret of cell dividing lies within God. All living creatures have a tiny bit of Gods spirit in them.

God is a fire, and we are all tiny flames; and when we die, those tiny flames go back into the fire of God. But the important thing is to realize that God Himself is body and soul! Absolutely.

Western civilization has been founded upon an inversion. But it is my honest belief that in our daily deeds we know and honor the truth. It is only when we talk about religion that we say God is pure spirit and always was and always will be, and that flesh is evil. The truth is in Genesis. It's there. I'll tell you what the big bang was; it was when the cells of God began to divide.

Was God Surprised? No, but the angels were. I'm quite serious. I'll tell you the superstitious part - the religious belief that God is perfect. He's obviously not. It explains everything. God has made many mistakes. Many, many mistakes. As surely God Himself knows! And I suspect the angels tried to warn Him. The Devil became the devil because he tried to warn God. God is love, but I'm not so sure God is absolutely brilliant.

Religion is primitive in its illogical conclusions. Imagine a perfect God allowing for the Devil to come into existence. No, that simply never made sense. The entire flaw in the Bible is the notion that God is perfect. It represents a failure of imagination on the part of the early scholars. It's responsible for every impossible theological question as to good and evil with which we've been wrestling through the centuries. God is good, however, wondrously good. Yes God is love. But no creative force is perfect. That's clear.

Now a perfectly evil Devil makes even less sense than a perfect God. Imagine, the Devil never learning anything during all this time, never changing his mind about being the devil. It's an insult to our intellect. He is not purely unredeemable. He's merely part of God's plan. He's the spirit allowed to tempt and try humans. He disapproves of humans, of the entire experiment. See, that was the nature of the Devil's fall, as I see it. The Devil didn't think the idea would work. But the key is to understand that God is matter! God is physical, God is the Lord of cell divisions, and the Devil abhors the excess of letting all this cell division run wild.

Here is another theory about the Devil. There is more then one of them. And nobody appointed much likes the job. And who would like being the Devil? Especially considering that the Devil was an angel at the start of it all, and supposed to be very smart.

Now, in the Book of Job, Satan is there in heaven, with God. God says, where have you been? And Satan says, roaming around the earth! It's a regular conversation. And they began arguing about Job. Satan believes Job's goodness is founded entirely upon his good fortune. And God agrees to let Satan torment Job. This is the most nearly true picture of the situation, which we possess. God doesn't know everything. The Devil is a good friend of his. And the whole thing is an experiment. And this Satan is a far cry from being the Devil as we know him now, worldwide.

Authors Note: This theory is from the book " Tale of the body Thief" by Anne Rice. I wrote this down because I think it makes a lot of sense, and wanted to share it with you. I might get in trouble because Fanfiction does not allow the works of Anne Rice, and entry's based on her books, but I don't see the harm in showing you this theory about God from one of her books.