Random Poetry by Lami

AN: So, this is all the crap I wrote. Some of these are for fics, others just random inspiration outlet. Thought I'd just put them all in one place in case someone want's to read them. I feel I should mention that some of this could be considered obscure and/or depressing, mention of S.I. [self injury] in one of them, so don't read 'Hush' if you have issues with the subject matter. Mots of these aren't written from my POV.

What can I do but move
From folly to defeat,
And call the sorrow sweet
That teaches us to see
The final face of love
In what we cannot be?

By Richard Wilbur

1. =Faithless= [poem]

For all the trouble with this life

For all the wishes for deaths' scythe

For all the loss and pain and hate

For all the words that come too late

For all the bitter blame you lay

At HIS feet, every single day

A question's all you get, my love,

Expressed through silence from above:

Glassy eyed, a broken doll,

What makes you think you have a soul?

2. =4 Richey=


Leave the world 4 real this time,
Demon bright light shine for sorrow.
Angel shadows on you face;
Live forever die tomorrow.

You are - a shining light.

Leave the world behind the fence;
This is how the story ends?

3. =Thomas Gray=

[As in 'when ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise'.] [free verse]

I met a child today, she smiled at me
She kissed my lips and told me I was good
She held my hand and said I'm beautiful
When she is the one, with the pure heart
With the tainted soul
With the jaded eyes
Chained to the ground
She's seen it all
When she should fly with the rest
I'll forgive you, and so will they
The blissfully ignorant.

4. =Hush=


Hush, hush my love
Don't need to explain
I know it hurts
I can't promise it will fade
All I can say is that I'll be here with you.

Hush sugar
Don't tell me you're sorry
I am you
And I don't know what's in store
Hold your hand as you slip away softly.

Don't cry angel
But try to hold on
It's too much
One day I will cut too deep
And then you wont have to blame your self.

I am here for you.
Until you don't need me,
To soothe your pain.

Shadows fall.
Watch life fade.
Hush my love.
Don't be afraid,
Don't be afraid.

[inspired by 'You might as well kill your self, you're already dead' -MM]



Why is it that when
You need help the most
You want it the least
Just seem to clam up
Drift away
To your own world
Try to find your own way?
To another day
You will get lost anyway
You will get lost anyway
With out me.

6. =Find me=


The mirror and my mind
Only look the same.

I don't want to find
The one that takes the blame

You see
The me you want
But what I really mean...

...I hide.
I beg you don't
Look for this libertine.

7. =Second= [poem]

Slow, pointless suicide
Beat away softly
Slow down. Slow down,
Take a second now

To taste your last exhale.

Think about love
And hate
Take this second to appreciate
Everything that was


8.=Silent= [poem]

Listen to it all,
While lying on your bed.

Listen 'till you drown
In all the carp you're fed.

Take it all to heart.
Yours is made of led.

Look at what's inside,
Careful where you tread.

Never tell a soul you're
Hanging by a thread.

Never speak a word.
Might as well be dead.

Tell your self again
All you could have said.

Cry for words that sound
Better in your head.

AN: If you're a little unclear on some of the themes… don't worry, you're not alone in that. I'm sure it would sound a lot better with music. If the amps went up to eleven…;)

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