"Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try. No hell below us, Above us, only sky." - John Lennon

Is it really that easy? To imagine that the sky is the limit? That there is no heaven or hell in existence? That we live in a world without a God? Maybe it's hard for me to imagine a world without a God, or maybe I just don't want to. Though I have my reasons why. I would rather let God play God than let humankind play God. I believe God is better at it. Here are my reasons why:

In the beginning, God created a perfect world. Our bodies need water to survive, and God provided us with a vast water supply. Plants need light to survive, and God supplied us with a beautiful orange sphere of light in the sky. He positioned the Earth in an exact position to the sun that we achieve a perfect balanced between warmth and cold. We do not burn up, nor freeze to death.

He gave Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden to live in. It was paradise, capturing the perfect harmony between humankind and nature. It was the type of utopia many dream of in the world today. However, the quest for knowledge, to become like God, to play God, wreaked havoc on the entire world for the rest of time. Humankind attempting to play God caused pain and suffering. It also destroyed the perfect paradise of Eden. Imagine that.

Fast forward to the mistakes and misfortunes of modern times. New worlds were discovered by western countries. Conversion and colonization began. Humankind believing they knew the best way for other races to live caused death and oppression. "Live our way," "follow our religion," "do what we say," "do what I say", "I am God." These thoughts and opinions prevailed, with disastrous results. Imagine that.

In 1788, the First Fleet composed of "ugly white men with strange, pink faces" sail into Australia, and claim immediate domination over the natives, thus beginning over two hundred years of oppression. Suffering and slaughters became commonplace. The white Australians assume the role of God. They become all knowing. "We know Aboriginal parents are incapable of raising their children. We know they must be raised by us, and given the advantage of learning our ways from an early age. Our way is better. We are superior. They are inferior."

A crying child is ripped from the arms of his devastated mother, while his "relatives wail." The child experiences a traumatic childhood, deprived of love and familiarity. His sister has similar experiences, although he does not know it, saying "the only time I was ever hugged was when I was raped."

Years later, as a struggling young adult, he searched for his mother. "She's dead" replied a disgruntled, disinterested voice. A lifetime of hatred for white men was sparked within him again. They stole away with him, stole his life, stole him from his mother, and caused intense suffering. In the future, he taught his children to hate white men. A vicious cycle unbroken for generations continues. All because humankind took on the role of God. Imagine that.

In the twentieth century, a war involving the whole world occurred, and history repeats itself only twenty years later. Rulers of various countries throughout the world, and throughout all ages, playing a dangerous game of pretending to be God, claim the right to more land, more possessions, declaring their political system is best, and their religion is best, cause chaos and turmoil. More suffering, more slaughters, more warring. Imagine that.

In Germany, the Fuhrer rises. He, too, plays God, declaring "We must unite the Fatherland. We must purify the Arian race." His method of purifying meant the extermination of six million Jews, 2/3 of the Jews in Europe. The three million nomadic Jews that remained were sent to their ancient land of Israel. To this day, they are still warring with the Palestinians over territorial claims. All because humankind played God. Imagine that.

At the dawning of a new millennium, aeroplanes fly into buildings, and devestate a city. Lives are torn apart, bitter tears flow into open wounds. All because a terrorist organization decide they are in a position to seek revenge. Imagine that.

The devastated country strikes back, declaring a 'War on Terror.' They liberate a foreign country of a discriminative political party, and declare them "free." Free by whose definition? How long will they remain that way? Will a new conflict, similar to the age old one between white Australians and Aborigines, and Hitler and the Jews, surface? Imagine that.

That is the devastating disaster of humankind playing God! From my point of view, God has done a better job in this world than humankind. I sincerely hope Lennon is incorrect in guessing that the sky is the limit, that there is no heaven or hell, only Earth with humankind to control things, because that thought frankly terrifies me. Imagine what tragedy life would be, if there was no higher power watching over us, with only human efforts to restore quality to our lives are disastrous. It's not so easy for me to imagine. It really isn't.