In memory of Phil. This was how I felt after.

Severed I've contemplated, weighed out the choices Your telling me to fight the voices The empty feeling giving me a chill, I've had enough anguish to fill. People say its weak to cry But I think it's weak to lie. No happy, sad emotions collide I'm slipping down a steep slide I wish I could wake up from this dream, Just to find my nightmare is echo's of a scream Struggling against this decay, Trying to prevent you from rotting away. Why did you get washed away from life Or did you sever the ropes with a knife Burning is my anger for those I blame, They looked at it as a game It was no game, just oppression. Putting others through depression. I hope they drown in guilt, The cold waters that they built, I don't care anymore Even breathing is a chore. I'm going paranoid within, All words that are given. I'm empty, all alone, I'm nothing, mere flesh blood and bone. I'm shattered and I'm broken. Go live being an appreciative token. From their taunts, you wished to be excluded. But it never happened to be concluded. No one understands why I'm injured like this, But it's not them who will miss. Is it this what life has planned? People to slip through like grains of sand. Into the black hole I stare. Trying to figure out why this is fair. Suffering you were spoon fed, It made you feel like you were better off dead. You were standing just a step from the line. When you cross, your life is the fine. One more word, name or blow, Will make you take that last step and go. It was said with a frown. So you decided to take that step down. Never thinking about it's affects So now I live a life hexed. But you do not need to be in remorse. It's really the strife's source.