The different shades of


Written by: Kayla

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who tried to commit suicide. Death is not the answer. If anyone needs help about anything, you could count on me.

Why does death seem like the

Answer? Is it because it Comforts us when we are Lonely. Why? Do the tears Turn out to be the bloodstains on The floor.

People yearn for the dark

Yet, the light seems Torture for them. I see Those pale faces longing To see the light. Longing For someone to show them They just care.

Look around and see, Do not let your eyes wonder Upon for the answers that are not Clear.

They dread to see the light. I dread to see the night. I once was them now I am a messenger. I once was lost Now I am found. I was cursed just like you Feeling empty like Something had died inside.

An angel came To me. Through my dark Ages. It soothed me and made The darkness vanished. No longer Was the dark comforting it was the Nightmare which I had dread.

©2002 K. M. V.