Louis, my eternity

By Son Of Evil

Lost, in centuries of your own innocence.

Stepped in the history of the ancients.

Yet unable to resign yourself to your Fate.

You were the first to bravely come forward -

Your courage never failed you then.

Yet how hard it was to understand your power.

You saw it as a curse, never as a gift.

Eternity awaits you, yet to your melancholy eyes

Long ever more for the light of mortal day.

How I long to help you. As I hold -

You in my arms and kiss your ivory skin -

The soothing embrace of the mother you never knew -

I hear your silent cries for mercy.

You want me to release you, but I know

I never will. Your agony is mine -

Our hearts will always beat in time -

But I cannot give you your freedom

Mine is not the hand that heals -

Not this time. God, but Louis, how I wish

You could understand. Your curse is my life.

Without you I am nothing. I guess in our own way

We need each other.

My Louis, unwilling victim of another.

Beguiled by another by his beauty, as I was by yours.

A preternatural love this, to last so long

Without consummation.

And sometimes, beyond your sadness, I can see

The bitter reality in your tear-stained face -

In streaks of blood I see your pain, your anger

Unstoppable flow of anguish.

And my eyes bleed for you, Louis, tears are

Blood and salt on my mortal skin as I share

A part of your suffering.

Oh, my love.

You've seen so much. I can but marvel at your life,

That is beyond life, and grieve at your fears,

At the wonderful gift that is slowly destroying you.

I can but grieve. . .