Raina flopped down on her bed, face first with a yawn.
"No more school, thank God!" She said, and closed her eyes, curling up. She was soon asleep, completely unaware of the pair of eyes in the window that were watching her, carefully out of sight.
Kander opened her window silently after he was sure that she had gone to sleep so not to scare her too much. He slipped in mutely and touched her arms slightly. Suddenly, both of them disappeared onto a new bed inside a new room.
Kander left the room to let her sleep, making his way to another bedroom across the hallway from Raina's. He turned suddenly at the unexpected soft noise that he heard in the doorway.
"So you got the girl." Said his intruder. He let his fists clench as he glared back at the man in his doorway.
"And you cannot take her. It is against the rules."
"Ah, but it is not against the rules for her to come to me." The intruder said, glaring back at Kander.
"What might ever make her go to you?" Kander asked with scorn lacing in his voice.
"You'd be surprised."
"Get out, Normrak." Kander said. "Get out of my house right now."
"Temper, Kander, temper." Normrak said before disappearing completely.
Kander went back to the room that Raina was in. He brushed some of the hair out of her eyes gently.
"He won't ever get you." He told the unconscious Raina. "I'll make sure of it."
Raina hugged her pillow to her chest in her sleep. Kander chuckled silently at her movement. He laid down beside her, ready to protect her from Normrak at all costs, even if it cost his life.


"Get away! Get away, you…you…" Raina said, on the opposite side of the bed as Kander. She moved around out of his reach, trying to get away from him.
"No, you don't understand! If you would just sit down and let me explain this to you, it would all make sense!" Kander said, jumping across the bed in attempt to catch her. She jumped back, and ran quickly out of the room. Kander cursed under his breath as he took off after her. He grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling her back towards him as she flailed trying to get away.
"Stop this at this instant!" He ordered fiercely. "STOP!"
"Get away! Let me go, you monster!" She yelled back. "LET ME GO!"
He held down her arms, and she kicked his legs from under him, sending them both tumbling to the floor. He wrapped one of his legs around both her hers, now holding her arms and legs down at once. She kept trying to get away.
"Let go of me! Go away!" She yelled again.
"Stop your yelling. It won't do any good. We're out in the middle of nowhere!" He attempted to reason with her. "I'll let you go if you don't run. If you do run, then you won't have anywhere to go, and I will find you again!"
She stopped yelling and struggling, going limp and crying. He let her go slowly, as if afraid that she would make an effort to run away again. She didn't make a move, not even a move to get off of him. He picked her up gently, walking her to the couch and setting her down softly.
"Come now, wipe your tears." He said, looking at her in concern. He took out a tissue from a box and lightly wiped the tears off of her cheeks and face. While he wasn't completely focused on her, she got up and ran again as quickly as she could. He stood up, running after her.
"Raina! STOP!" He yelled after her. She had made it to the front door and was currently trying to unlock it and get it open. He took advantage of her moment of fumbling, and put on an extra burst of speed, easily catching up to her and grabbing her around her middle. She immediately started flailing her feet and fists, trying to get away from him.
"Raina, stop. Now." He ordered calmly. She kept crying and trying to get away from him. He held her down tightly, suddenly pressing her against the door. She couldn't move. Her arms were being held down behind her, and Kander had placed himself carefully out of kicking range.
"Don't move." He told her, and took her away from the door and back to the couch that he had put her on moments before. She turned her face away from him and kept silent.
"Do you wish for me to explain?" Kander asked. He waited, and she never answered. He sighed. "I will take that as a 'no' then. Would you like something to eat or drink?"
She never moved or said anything. Kander frowned, and turned on the television in front of them.
"So you're going to give me the silent treatment, I suspect?" Kander said to her. She said nothing. "The silent treatment I will handle. However, if I serve you a meal, I expect you to eat it. I don't want any of this 'hunger strike' crap. If I give you a drink, you will drink it. And you will not, I repeat not, try to run away again because if you do, I promise you that I will track you down and bring you back here."
She glanced at him to show that she understood, but said nothing. Kander turned her around to face him.
"And if you ever wish for me to explain, then all you must do is ask." He told her sincerely. "Just ask."
She gave a quick nod and turned back around. Kander let out a sigh, and stood up, taking her hand. She allowed him to pull her up and take her into his kitchen. He motioned towards a chair for her to sit it, and she sat in it obediently. He dug out some cereal from his cabinets and showed the boxes to her.
"Do you like any of these?" He asked. She didn't answer in any form. "Alright then, I'll take that as a yes. This one?"
He held up a box. She didn't answer. He let out a sigh, and fixed a bowl of cereal for her, setting it in front of her as he finished. She picked up the spoon and started playing with the cereal with a depressed look on her face. Kander sat down in front of her with a paper and pencil in his hand.
Do you not like the cereal? He wrote, and shoved it at her. She looked up at him, sadness in her eyes. He put the pencil in her hand as watched her as she scribbled on the paper, passing it back to him.
Let me go. She wrote back. He sighed, writing on the paper underneath her handwriting.
I cannot do that. He answered. She played with her cereal some more.
"Do you wish to know why?" He asked. She shook her head. "If you ever do, just ask."
She gave a quick nod, and continued playing with her food. He put his hand over hers on the spoon, and scooped up some cereal, pushing it towards her mouth. She obediently opened her mouth, letting the food in.
"I wish you would talk. It would be a lot less depressing for you." He told her, scooping the spoon back into the bowl. She pulled her hand away.
I can't. She wrote on the paper.
Why not? He wrote back.
I was taken against my own free will, and held here without even being slightly consulted. Do you really think I would want to talk to you after that? She passed the paper back. Kander looked down.
I would explain if you would like me to.
I do not want an explanation from you. As Kander read this, he let out a slightly annoyed sigh, as if he WANTED to explain to her.
Why not?
You would twist the truth, candy-coat it, or just plain lie. I do not want to take a chance with any of those choices. She wrote. He looked up at her in surprise.
"I would never do any of those, Raina." He told her. She looked back down at her cereal, pushing her spoon around. He took her spoon, scooping cereal on it and pushing it gently to her mouth. She opened her mouth, eating the cereal that was on it, and Kander smiled softly at her.
"There, would I lie, yet do that?" He asked gently.
"Yes." She said aloud. Surprised that she actually talked, he put the spoon back into the bowl. She stood up, and walked away from the table over to the front door. There, she slumped down on it curled up into a ball. He took care of her dishes, and soon walked there, standing in front of her. He picked her up off of the floor, forcing her to stand up.
Suddenly, she burst out crying, and he took her into his arms. She pushed away from him, walking slowly to the bedroom where she had found herself in. He sighed, and sat down on the couch, thinking out loud.
"What am I supposed to do? I can't let her go. But she's so miserable here." He almost seemed to be arguing with himself. "But she should get over it in a while. If she doesn't? What would I do then…? She can't leave. Not until the New Game comes around. The New Game is five years from now! The New Game is five years from now…but she can't leave. I cannot allow her to go. Maybe I should go try to talk to her. She probably won't let me, but I should. Whether she wants to hear it or not, I have to tell her."
Kander stood up, and went to Raina's room, letting himself in quietly. He found her sitting on the bed with a knife in her hand. He winced suddenly after noticing the cuts on her arm above her wrist. He ran over immediately as she positioned the knife above her wrist.
"Raina! Stop!" He said, as the knife hardly dug into her skin before he could reach her. He grabbed the knife away, and watched her burst into tears. He put the knife on the opposite side of the room, and put his arms around her in attempt to comfort her. She didn't pull away.
"I was going to do it." She sobbed. "I was really going to do it this time."
"This time?" He asked surprised. In all his years in watching her, he had never seen her purposely cut her skin. The cuts on her arms were deep enough to leave scars, he noticed. He turned his attention to her other arm, pulling up her long sleeved shirt. There were scars all over that arm. He looked up to her face, surprise clearly written all over his face.
"I was going to do it!" She sobbed again. He held her tightly against him.
"Why?" He asked her, in hopes of an answer.
"I was going to do it! I was really going to kill myself!" She sobbed. "I've cut before, but never on my major points. I was really going to do it!"
"Raina," He began. "Why? Why were you going to do it?"
"I was going to really kill myself! I was thinking about my life-everything!" She cried into his shoulder. He let her cry onto his shirt, while he held onto her.
"What's wrong with your life?" He asked. From what he knew, she had a wonderful life. Her parents, though they did have to work, loved her and she was not abused. She got good grades at school. She wasn't all that good at sports, but that didn't matter. She playing the flute perfectly, and though she hadn't gone on a date in her life, she had been asked out a lot of times. He smoothed her hair down, watching her cry on his shoulder.
"You wouldn't understand." She said, calming down. A few more tears escaped from her eyes, as she pulled away from him.
"Wouldn't I? Try me." He suggested.
She shook her head, and looked down at her feet silently. He pressed his lips together and shrugged.
"Fine then." He said. He stood up and began to leave the room. "If you ever want to talk, I'll be here."
"You kidnapped me, and then expect me to talk to you about my problems?!" She stated surprised.
"Well…" He hesitated. "I suppose I did. And if you would only let me explain my reasoning on why I took you in the first place, you would understand."
"I don't want your excuses. I don't want your 'reasoning'. I don't want your pity. I don't want your charity. I want you to take me home and leave me alone." She said boldly. He smiled slightly and shrugged at her.
"That's your choice. I cannot, however, take you home or leave you alone. You are in immediate danger. The only way you could possibly survive is if I protect you which caused me to bring you here."
"Danger?" She asked. He sat at the edge of her bed, in front of her.
'Yes, danger. Your life is at stake." He began before she interrupted.
"You're making this up. Your kidding me." She accused, with a glare.
"I kid you not." He said. "Your life is at stake. If I did not bring you here, another person would have taken you and killed you."
"Killed me?" She said.
"Yes. Do you wish for me to explain now?" He asked. She shook her head.
"No." She answered. He let out a sigh, and crossed his legs in front of him still facing her.
"It would be better if I explained." He said.
"I don't care. I don't even know your name. Don't expect me to trust you." She said immediately.
"My name is Kander." He told her. "And you should trust me. You're going to be here for a while."
"A while? How long is a while?" She asked. He looked down.
"Five years." He told her.
"Five…years…" She repeated slowly.
"No…." She said. "No."
"I'm sorry."
"Damn it! This was going to be my senior year in high school! I was planning…I was going to…" She trailed off. She started pulling at the ends on her extra long nightshirt. "And I don't even get clothes?"
"You do. If you would look in the closet of this room, there will be clothes all exactly your size." He told her. She stayed on the bed, pulling at the end of her nightshirt. He stood up, and watched her. Suddenly her hand came out of nowhere and slapped him.
"Oh, God." She said quietly in surprise. "I can't believe you!" Her tone changed to anger. "You kidnap me. Expect me to tell you everything. And now, obviously have been spying on me!" She yelled.
He stood there, getting over the shock with anger rivaling hers.
"Well, excuse me for making sure that you aren't killed! I'm so sorry. I didn't realize that you wanted to die!" He yelled back.
"You could have at least gotten to know me first! You could have at least became my friend and asked me to come with you rather than kidnapping me the first chance you get! You awful,-"
"I can't believe YOU!" He interrupted. She stood up, and pushed him back.
"I wasn't finished!"
"You are now!" He said, pushing her back, making her fall onto the bed. She stood up, and slammed into him.
"I'm not! You can't tell me when or when not I'm finished!" She yelled back. She started trying to slap him repeatedly, but he wrapped his arms around hers, so she couldn't move.
"You," He said in a dangerously low and calm voice. "are not going to fight me. You will lose if you try."
She swallowed, obviously seeing the seriousness of the situation. She blinked back tears, but not fast enough for they started to take the tumble down her cheeks. He softened.
"Look," He said softly, not letting go of her. "Don't cry."
"I'm not crying!" She sobbed. "Just hurry up and hurt me! No one else has decided to hesitate! Why would you?"
He stared at her, taken aback.
"Hurt you?" He asked. "Why would I hurt you?"
She looked up at him, still trying to blink her tears away. He took the sleeve of his own shirt, and wiped her cheeks with it.
"I haven't even known you for one day. Why would I tell you now?"
"Because you'll be here for a while. And because I care." He said.
"Do you really think that those 'reasons' will actually make me tell you?" She threw out a disdainful laugh. "Go tell someone who cares. Someone that you didn't kidnap against her will."
"You will be here a while." He said. "And I do care, whether you think I do or not, but fine. I could make you. I could reach into your mind and grab this information that you've been holding from me. But I'm not going to. I'll let you come around and tell me yourself."
"And how, pray tell, would you possibly be able to 'reach into my mind'?"
"Do you really want to know?" He asked.
"I…" She trailed off, seemingly thinking about her answer. "Yes."
"If I tell you how I'm able to, then I'll have to tell you why you're here." He told her, with a nod. She looked down.
"No. I don't want to know." She told him with a glare. "Now, let go of me."
"Don't tell me what to do." He hissed back, but let go of her gently all the same. She sat down on her bed with a sigh. She looked up at the black painted ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars pasted all over it. He gave a quick nod, much like a vibration, and left the room.
He slumped down the wall next to her doorway, and let out as exhausted sigh.
"It's more tiring than I thought to take care of that girl…" He said.
"Is she too much for you? I'll take her off your hands for you." He heard a menacing voice say. He glared up at Normrak.
"No thank you." He hissed. "Get out of my house."
"Come now. Don't be such a spoil sport. You haven't even explained your reasons for taking her. I would. I'll bet that I could take her away right now. Of her own will." Normrak challenged.
"Get out of my house!" Kander repeated, his voice dripping with contempt.
Normrak ignored him, walking into the room that Raina was in. Raina snapped her head up at the intruder, glaring at the newcomer.
"What do you want?" She snapped at him. Normrak held his arms up in surrender.
"I just wanted to ask if you would like to come with me, rather than being with him." He told her.
"I don't want to go anywhere with anybody. Get out of my face, you idiot." She hissed.
"Come. I will tell you exactly what's going on and why. You'll understand if you come with me." He bribed.
"How many times must I tell people? I DO NOT WANT A YOUR PETTY EXPLANATIONS!" She yelled.
Normrak stared at her in surprise, letting his guard down for a split second. Kander took advantage of his shock and punched him in the back of the head. Normrak fell forward, as Kander stood behind him, his arms crossed on his chest.
"Get out of my house. Now. And leave Raina alone." Kander said in a deep, warning voice. Normrak stood up, quickly facing Kander in a fighters stance. Raina watched in the background, shock written all over her face.
"Get out of my house. It's against the rules, and you know it. Get out before you force me to call the Head." Kander warned. Normrak glared at him, and disappeared suddenly.
"What…" Raina trailed off after seeing Normrak disappear from nowhere. "What just happened?"
"If you wish to know, I'll have to explain this entire thing to you." Kander answered, in no mood to explain anything. He knew she didn't want him to explain anything, so he took the best bet in telling her that if he told her one thing, he would have to explain it all.
"Then explain all of it." She answered, fixing him with a predetermined stare.
"Now you want to hear all of it?" Kander asked in disbelief.
"Yes." She answered, "I do. Are you going to explain it?"
"Not at this moment." Kander answered. "I'll explain later."
"You were the one that said that if I ever wanted it explained, just ask you at anytime." Raina told him, standing up, following him through the hallway.
"Since when did you start demanding things from me?" Kander asked, turning around shooting a glare at her.
"Since I wanted to know what was going on." She answered, her voice slightly more quiet.
They stood, staring at each other in the hallway silently. Both refusing to break eye contact first. Kander's arms locked in front of his chest, and Raina's arms hanging on either side of her body, motionless. Raina looked away first, as if she just realized what she was doing, she turned and walked back to the room, her shoulders slumped onto her.
Kander watched her leave, and shook his head. He went after her, grabbing her arm and spinning her around to face him.
"Fine, I'll explain." He said, and watched her smirk. He frowned as she sat down on the bed.
"Explain." She ordered. He let out an exasperated sigh.
"Where to begin?" He mumbled to himself, running a hand through his hair. "Well, first of all…I'm not human." He said.
"Not…human?" She prompted.
"Yes. I'm not human. I'm a vampire." He said, watching her reaction. She looked confused. "You know…a bloodsucker, a leech if you must."
"Oh! Yes, my best friend told me about vampires. She said something about her being a slayer too, but I thought that was all make believe." Raina said. Then she shut up. "I'm sorry." She mumbled.
"Slayer?" He repeated. If Raina's best friend was truly a slayer, then he was in for some definite trouble. No one had said anything about a slayer when he was appointed a Gamer for this Game. Not even the Head had said anything when he had warned Kander about all of the dangers that are involved with the Game. He had to get to the Trandek and warn the Head and the Choosers quickly!
"Yeah." Raina said.
"Tell me all you know." Kander ordered. "It's very important."
"But then you would warn the rest of your kind that I'm attached to a slayer." Raina said, shooting a glare at him. "I shouldn't have even said anything to begin with. I cannot say anything more."
"This is serious, Raina. Either you tell me or I get the information from you involuntarily. You choose." Kander said, walking directly in front of Raina. Raina turned, and quickly tried to escape through an open window. Kander quickly jumped over the bed and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back and wrapped an arm around her neck from behind. She gasped, suddenly still.
"Don't move." He told her.
"Mm-hm." She mumbled quietly.
"Now," He continued. "Are you going to tell me more about this slayer or do I have to pull it from you?"
She was silent.
"I was hoping I wouldn't' have to resort to this, but-"
"Wait!" She said suddenly. "I'll tell you…"
"Good. Now, tell me everything you know about this slayer."
"She's about 5'8, and slender. She had waist length blonde hair, and she always wears jeans. She says she always wears jeans because it's easy to carry wooden sticks or stakes in them. She's always mumbling something. Whether its about some party on some weird address, or something about a game. The last time I saw her, she told me to be very careful. She said something about me being the subject of the next game that some vampires play. Only she didn't say vampire. She said leech."
"Shoot!" Kander said aloud. "She knows about the Games."
"She said she knows who the players are too. But she didn't say players. She said gamers. She said something about if I'm kidnapped that she would find me."
"Damn it!" Kander half-yelled. Suddenly the two disappeared and appeared in a large hall. Kander let go of Raina's neck and told her to follow him. He went into a room with a grey door that was marked "Game Business Room". In that room, there was one man. He had bright green eyes, and became suddenly alert as the two entered the room.
"Head!" Kander exclaimed. "I've just recently obtained some very important information about the Subject!"
"The Subject?" The man asked calmly. "What would that be?"
"Her best friend is a slayer. This slayer knows who you are, knows who I am, and what the Game is! She knows who the Subject is of the Game as well."
"Warn the Choosers." The Head ordered. Kander nodded, and left the room leaving Raina with the Head. Raina watched the bright eyed man carefully.
"Hello, Raina." He said casually. "I would take it that you are very confused right now."
Raina kept silent, but she did nod quickly. The Head chuckled.
"Kander has not told you anything yet?"
"He…told me that he wasn't human." Raina said quietly. "He said he was a vampire."
"Is that all?"
'Yes sir." She said, avoiding eye contact, looking at the ground.
"Well, you have earned yourself quite an honor." The Head said. She was silent.
Kander walked back in the room at that time.
"The Choosers have been warned. They are taking correct preparations right now. They told me that I need to take Raina back now." Kander said. The Head nodded and smiled after the two as the left the room. He turned towards the woman in the dark corner of the room, and motioned for her to come over there to him. They kissed and the Head chuckled.
"Those two…" The Head trailed off, watching the door.
"Yes, perfect." The woman answered, smiling at the Head.

"I'm not going back!" Raina yelled at Kander, as they stood in the middle of an empty, silent road.
"You have to." Kander told her, calmly. "I still don't know why they chose you as the Subject."
"What is a Subject? The Head? Choosers? Gamers?" Raina asked, her voice slightly quieter than a yell.
"I'll tell you once we get back to my house."
"I told you that I'm not going back!" Raina yelled back at him. She crossed her arms on her chest and stood stiffly. Kander let out an exasperated sigh. "You kidnapped me, and you expect me to do everything you say?"
"You are coming back to my house, whether I have to force you or not." Kander threatened. She glared at him, standing stiffly refusing to move. Kander rolled his eyes and walked over, grabbing her arm. She immediately tried to pull it away, but they disappeared immediately. They appeared back in Kander's house.
She pulled her arm away from him roughly.
"How did you do that?" She demanded. "And I want this explained."
"Sit down." Kander ordered roughly. She sat, glaring up at him. He ran one of his hands through his hair distractedly. "I'm not human, but you know that, correct?"
She nodded.
"Well, because I'm a vampire that automatically applies me to this thing called the Game. The Game is not a game at all, really. Basically, the Gamers, those who are chosen to do the Game, have to seek out a Subject that the Head assigns to him or her. The Head controls the Game. The Choosers choose who the Gamer will be. There is only one Gamer, but there is one very powerful vampire, more powerful than the Head even, who will try to stop the Gamer from getting the Subject. No one can do anything about that. The Subject is selectively chosen for Changing. Changing means that in five years I must have everything explained to you and you have to be Changed. Sometimes the Changing goes over the deadline, so the Game must continue until it happens. Changing is the switch between a human to a vampire. In other words, I was assigned to change you into a vampire, but I can't." Kander said, taking a deep breath watching for her reaction.
"I'm the Subject? What if I don't want to be changed?" Raina asked with a quick glare at Kander. Kander let out a sigh.
"That's why I can't. Well, part of it anyways. The Gamer cannot change the Subject unless the Subject wants to be Changed. Even if the Subject wants to be Changed, the Gamer can't do it until…" Kander trailed off. "The Choosers have a difficult job, trying to choose the correct vampire to the correct human, but they have never done a wrong match yet. Though, I'm starting to doubt them on this one."
"Even if the Subject wants to be Changed, the Gamer can't do it until…" Raina repeated. "Until what?"
"I'm going to leave that part out right now." Kander said, flushing. Raina shot him a glare.
"Until what?" She hissed.
"I told you that I'm not going to say right now. Get over it." Kander said.
"Let me get this straight. I'm the Subject. You're the Gamer. You are supposed to Change me, but you can't until I want to be Changed and something else. You were chosen by the Choosers, who have to match the correct vampire to the correct human, which is difficult, but they haven't made a wrong match. The Head is a powerful vampire that leads all of this junk, and he tells you about your Game when you are assigned. And there is some kind of evil, super-strong vampire trying to keep the Gamers from Changing their Subjects." Raina said in one deep breath.
"Yes." Kander said.
"Damn-er dang, that's complicated." Raina said slowly.
"You can say damn. I'm not your mother." He told her. She looked up at Kander and her eyebrows furrowed.
"You said something about matches and Choosing and some reason you can't change the Subject other than their willingness." She said. "Does that mean, I got this from matches mostly, does it mean that I have to love you?"
"Er…" Kander blushed, and glared at her.
"I have to fall in love with you in order to be changed." She stated. "What about you? You have to fall in love with me too?"
"Um…" Kander trailed off.
"Yes, that'll happen." She said sarcastically. "Oh, sure. I'm just going to go out and fall in love with my kidnapper."
"I could say likewise about you." Kander retorted.
"I'm sure you could." She answered. She swallowed and closed her eyes, falling back onto the bed.
"Good grief. Everything has happened in one day. I was kidnapped, I found out that a vampire wants me to fall in love with him-"
"That's not true. I want you to fall in love with me about as much as you want to fall in love with me."
"I tattled on my best friend, who will now probably be killed," She stopped. "You won't kill her. Will you?"
He hesitated. "Well…"
"You are, aren't you?!" She screeched. "Damn it! I knew that I shouldn't have said anything. And look where saying things has got me. My best friend is going to die because I had to open my big mouth."
"No, no." Kander said quickly, in order to stop her from crying. She already had tears in her eyes. "She won't…die necessarily. Just…she will be excused from this planet…"
"Don't try to convince me otherwise!" She said. She wiped the tears from her eyes, only to be greeted with more. "I know how this works."
"Don't cry." He said, sounding desperate.
"I'm not!" She answered, wiping a tear off her cheek. "Why would I cry? Just because you're going to kill my best friend? My only friend in the entire world? Why would that be reason enough to cry? I'm not going to cry." She burst out in tears. "I'm not going to cry." She sobbed. "I'm not crying."
Kander sat on the bed next to her, and held her to him. She kept crying on his shoulder and he smoothed her hair down,
"I hate this!" She bawled. "I can't believe that you're going to go out and kill my only friend. My best friend."
"Look now," Kander said gently. "If I die, then the Game Head and Choosers will come after you and kill you too. Then they will kill your friend. No matter what, your friend is going to end up dead. Either you and I die with her or just her."
"I'll go with her!" She said.
"No." Kander said firmly. "You can't die. You're too important to this Game."
"Important…puh!" She said. "They just want more vampires."
"You are important. Every life that gets caught up in the Game is important." He told her. She kept sobbing, and he held her tighter. She sniffed, wiping the tears from her eyes and looking up at Kander. Kander searched her face for any kind of emotion she might be feeling. Her face was blank to him.
"I knew I shouldn't have gotten attached to anyone. I knew it. I knew it only resulted in pain. Here's the proof. Here's the proof…" She trailed off. "I'm not going to fall in love with anyone. Love, attachment only results in pain. It always has, and always will."
"Come now," Kander said. "Not all relationships end in pain."
"That's not true." Raina said. Kander gave up with a sigh, and let go of her.
"Get some sleep, Raina. You need it." He told her, leaving the room. He let himself have one last glance at her, and shook his head. How would he ever fall in love with her?


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