Well, I must say that I'm kind of disappointed in the number of people who didn't understand the ending. But that's okay, I suppose. The ending's reviews remind me of what I thought when I read The Giver. Heh. And what my classmates thought when we read the Giver.

I'm still not sure if I should really write a sequel. I'm not so good at writing sequels to my stories. I tried to write one for Slave of the Vampires, Camping with Vampires (Eh, my obbsession with vampires *shakes head*), and The Hole in the Wall (Which I wrote when I was only nine! It's thirty pages long on the computer...but it's incredibly stupid. So stupid, it's funny). Anywho, I'm not sure. I can try, but you can't blame me if it comes out really stupid and...not so good. Not as good as this one. If you ask me, you can never beat the first part of a series. Or sequels. The first is always the original idea and the best of them all. You could take Cirque Du Freak for example. I wouldn't have minded if it ended with the first book, but it was nice to see the sequels. But you can't beat the first one. Eh, by the way, all of you that haven't read Cirque Du Freak, you should. It's very good. I wrote the author, and I never do that. Just goes to show how good I think it is. (And, yes. It's about vampires. Here we go again, with my strange obsession with vampires)

I suppose I'll try a sequel. Though, tell me this. Should it start right after this took place? Should it start a few years later? Where, when? If you have any ideas, they would be greatly appriciated. Heh.

Common Questions from my reviewers:

What the hell just happened?
Alright. Raina, Normrak, Kander, and the person who we all hate beyond all reasoning, Rina ended up in a wedding together. Raina and Normrak married. Kander and Rina , being himself and afraid of feelings, left her after she made him tell her that he loved her. He left, and at the end of the chapter, she disappeared.

He couldn't just leave her!
Well, not much of a question, but I'll comment on it anyway. You'd have to understand Normrak to understand the chapter. You'd have to know who Normrak is and know his personality. Know his one weak point, which I refuse to enclose to anyone.

Does she find him?
*evil smirk* Do you really want to know my comment? I have my opinion on whether she finds him or not. Basically, it depends on your thought process. Do you like happy endings? Do you like sad endings as much as I do?

Where did she go?
*evil smirk* Wherever you want her to go. It's all up to the reader's imagination.

Write a sequel!
Again, not much of a question, more of a demand, but I'll comment on it anyway. I probably will TRY. I can't promise anything and I won't promise anything, but I'll TRY. Don't hurt me if it doesn't come out as good as this story. Heh. I like these kinds of stories, actually. The ones that leave the ending wide open. I like to write endings for them myself. Anywho, I do hope that it will be as good as this story was. Oh, and do tell...do I actually have a chance of being able to publish a story before I get out of high school? I'm thirteen and a freshman right now...