Magic Fa├žade

You said a had the look in my eye,

That look as if the magic was alive,

But now if you said that it would be a lie.

Criticism and wrongdoing do deprive.

It faded not too long ago.

Its fire burnt strong,

Now it is on an all time low.

Not fed fuel for so long.

Harsh comments from whom do not feel,

Carry on every month, week and day.

So these eye's will never heal.

The magic held at bay.

Their stone cold blue,

No sparkle found,

Never colour changing hue.

Only an empty sound.

If they could speak,

They would produce,

Seemly occasions tears do leak,

Hoping for the pain to reduce.

That twinkle in my eye is gone,

That happy glint destroyed,

Fake feeling found, truthful ones none.

So now icy scowls are deployed.