Before you read Meghann is my best friend and she wanted me to put some of her poems on here. and later i'll have some of my poems on here.. Thank you and enjoy.

Our Movie
by: Meghann

A purple haze
is it love?
or the glow from the black light?
Maybe it is both
or maybe it is neither.

Maybe it is the movie that we have been
joking about for so long.
you and i are the stars
who needs a script?

The scene is set
perfect for the two of us
the attraction is strong
then she shows up.

Yes, she is nice
yes, she is beautiful
Yes, she is yours
you go to her

I am left with the knowledge
that i am only an option
when she is not there.
That hurts.

I gave you all of me
So did she
What are you doing
with parts of us you have collected?

I can't pretend to understand
The credits are rolling
The ending was typical
one happy couple, one broken heart.