True Friends, An Unending Dream

Chapter 02

by jlewis42

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The first day of first grade... And Ryo was scared. He wasn't afraid of the teachers; it tended to be the adults who were freaked out by him. He wasn't scared of the big kids; he knew he could crush them anyway. He wasn't even bothered by the thought of the harder work; he could already read before Kindergarten, so the work couldn't be that hard. No, it was something quite different that made him quake in his boots.


And here she comes now. God, I know I do not usually talk to you much, but I almost never ask you for anything either, so please grant me this, SAVE ME FROM HER! God refused to answer Ryo, or so Ryo assumed as the next thing that happened to him was to be knocked to the ground by a fast moving strawberry-blonde girl. She quickly sat up on top of him, her bony butt digging into his ribs.

"Ryo! I'm scared!"

You are always scared. "What is it this time, Kit?"

"YOU REMEMBERED MY NAME!" The squash turned into a hug.

I hate being touched... I hate her... I HATE HER! "It is a fairly simple name, Kit. Only three letters." The entirety of the last year he'd spent trying to stay as far away from her as possible. Every other kid and even the teacher had learned to just leave him alone pretty quickly, but Kit just didn't seep to have caught the hint. I knew I shouldn't have let her borrow that damn crayon! "What is scaring you, Kit?"

"I'm scared?"

"You said you were." Ditz. Mercifully, he lived on the other end of town and thus summer had been relatively free of her.

"Oh, yeah. Ryo! I'm scared!"

"You said that already, too." Please, please get the idea and just GO AWAY!

"There's so many big kids! And the halls are louder! It's scary!"

No, it's not. These are the same damn halls that were here last year, idiot. "Would it make you feel better if I held your hand?" While actual physical contact was absolutely abhorrent to Ryo, he'd discovered rather quickly that it was the one and only thing that calmed Kit down.


I take it back, God, just kill me now. That'd be enough.

"And I want pink flowers. No, red, I like red, remember when you gave me your red crayon?"

Yes. "Yes." How could I forget? I've been cursing that day since it happened. I still haven't gotten that damn crayon back yet.

"YOU REMEMBERED!" Another hug, another muffled curse of a certain coloring utensil. "Ummm... Ryo?"


"I... need to go to the bathroom."


"I'm... scared."

You are always scared. Ryo sighed. "You want me to go in with you?"

"But... but it's the girls room!"

"So?" Why do I care? It's not like I'm old enough to enjoy the difference between girls and boys anyway.

A look of total joy filled her eyes. "Ryo! You're the bestest friend ever!"

Maybe I should just kill her... I could drown her in the toilet and no one would know the difference... He repeated this over and over to himself as he checked each and every stall for occupants, Kit still clutching his hand. After he'd verified that they were all empty, he led Kit into one of the stalls and closed the door.

"Ok, shoo."


"Yeah, shoo! I gotta do girl stuff!"

You want me here, you want me gone. Maybe I can just sneak away now.



"Could you guard the door and make sure no one else comes in?"


Ryo trudged out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway, filling it as much as a first grader could. While he felt no particular pull towards doing what she asked, and would just as likely leave her as listen to her, something in the back of his mind told him that it wouldn't help if he just walked off.

A girl, about fifth or sixth grade and looking like she was going to be on the girl's football team, walked up to him.

"Out of the way, kid, I need to piss."

"You are not going to pass. Go to another bathroom." Ryo hoped he'd said that plainly enough. He hated repeating himself. Is that facial hair?

"Listen, you little fuck, I need to piss and-"

"YOU. WILL. NOT. PASS." Suddenly it was like Ryo was taller than her. He even looked older and there was a very disturbing glow around his eyes. The girl gave an "eep!" and ran down the hall. Ryo carefully glanced left then right, his sudden growth having reversed itself.

"I'm done Ryo. Let's go to class!"

"Fine, Kit." Ryo took Kit's hand, hoping she'd remembered to wash.


SCARED! SCARED! Big kids EVERYWHERE! Oh! I don't know anybody! I'm scared! I'm- RRRRYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOO! Kit dashed down the hall, calling his name out. She hadn't seen him all summer. It's like he was avoiding me or something! But he wouldn't do that, he's my bestest, bestest, bestest friend, FOREVER! She just ignored the last few steps and threw herself at him. Maybe he'll catch me, like when two lovers are reunited at the end of a movie!

WHAM! Ok, so he didn't catch me. But that doesn't matter now, I'M SCARED! "Ryo! I'm scared!"

He gave her the usual look. The one that said Go to hell! and Get off of me! all at the same time. He'd gotten rather good at pulling those off over the last year.

"What is it this time, Kit?"

HE REMEMBERED MY NAME! "YOU REMEMBERED MY NAME!" He still likes me! Kit leaned down and hugged him, burying her head in the crook at his shoulder. His hair smelled good.

"What's scaring you, Kit?"

"I'm scared?" I am?

"You said you were."

Oh, yeah. "Oh, yeah. Ryo! I'm scared!"

"You said that already, too." He gave Kit the look again.

Oh, yeah, I'm still on top of him. But still... "There's so many big kids! And the halls are louder! It's scary!"

"Would it make you feel better if I held your hand?"

"YOU'D HOLD MY HAND?! FOREVER AND EVER? LIKE WE WERE MARRIED?!" Eeeeee! He wants to hold my hand! How romantic! I've got to start planning! I'm going to need a white dress! And he's going to dress in blue! We'll get married in the spring, with all the birds and stuff! And... He's not smiling. Oh, yeah, "I don't like to be touched." Sometimes, I just wish he'd... oh, wait, he's paying attention again. "And I want pink flowers. No, red, I like red, remember when you gave me your red crayon?" Yes, that will cheer him up!


"YOU REMEMBERED!" Kit wrapped both her harms around him. I knew he'd remember! A funny feeling suddenly hit Kit down around her belly button. "Ummm... Ryo?"


"I... need to go to the bathroom." I'm so embarrassed!


Doesn't he care? I'm in crisis here! "I'm... scared."

"You want me to go in with you?"

"But... but it's the girls room!" I mean, he's a boy and everything! Boys don't go into the girl's room; they'll get girl germs and stuff! Boys don't go into the girl's bathroom! Wouldn't he be embarrassed going in the girl's room?


He'd... go in the girl's bathroom... for me? "Ryo! You're the bestest friend ever!"

Kit latched onto his arm and snuggled against him as he led her into the bathroom. He checked each and every stall for Kit, making sure no one else was there. She held on to his hand until he led her into one of the stalls. She started to pull her skirt down when she heard the lock slide shut behind her. Turning, she found that Ryo was still there.

OK, you're my bestest friend and all, but... She flicked her hands like she'd seen her mother do. "Ok, shoo."

"Shoo?" He looked her directly in the eye and arched his eyebrow. While Kit was overjoyed that Ryo was actually making eye contact with her, she really needed to relieve herself.

"Yeah, shoo! I gotta do girl stuff!" She repeated the shooing motion. Ryo shook his head and unbolted the door. He shut it behind him and Kit listened to his receding footsteps. Just as they were about to reach the door, Kit thought of something. I'm scared again! "Oh, Ryo!"


"Could you guard the door and make sure no one else comes in?" I don't want anybody else in here with me!


Kit went about her "business", taking care to listen for any footsteps. She got the distinct feeling that Ryo would just leave, like he did that day on the playground. Nobody came, though she did briefly think she heard something. Finishing up, she started to run out to Ryo, stopping just as she remembered something. She rushed over to the sink and quickly, thoroughly, washed her hands. Ryo hates girl germs, or something. Mom said this gets rid of germs, so maybe he won't be so weird about me touching him. Drying off her hands on her skirt, she bolted for the door. Ryo was leaning against the doorframe like he'd been there the whole time, which he hopefully was. You're my bestest friend, Ryo! I'm not going to leave you, ever! "I'm done Ryo. Let's go to class!"

"Fine, Kit." Ryo took Kit's hand, not showing the slightest bit of hesitation, and not having to be asked. Washing did help! He's holding my hand! He's going to walk me to class and everything! I'm always going to be with you, Ryo. Forever.