Michael walked slowly into James Lesko's dimly lit office. The older man was savoring the view of Lake August at sunset.

"Sitting in the dark Jim?" Michael asked.

"Wouldn't it be easier if we were just like them." he pointed to the many people enjoying the lake.

"You could always quit..." Michael suggested.

Lesko turned around in his chair. "No I couldn't, and neither could you. That's why you came back."

"It doesn't mean I'm staying." he replied, taking a seat across from his old friend. Even though it was well beyond comfortable, the movement made Michael flinch.

"Hell of a trip, huh?" Lesko asked.

"I've had better."

"How's the reconstruct?" he pointed at Michael. "You were in there for parts of two days."

"It'll heal." he stated. "The main damage was from that wonder drug they gave me."

"Oh yes, that. Still, you faired better than the other three. Prams was in mostly good shape, due to his character. But the other two will have to remain in the infirmary for a good while."

Michael nodded. He had, at last, found a comfortable spot, and he didn't plan on moving any time soon.

"So what about staying on?" Lesko inquired.

"You know, you could've convinced me. If I could get missions like that last one all the time." he said sarcastically.

Lesko repaid the comment with a chuckle. "There's a new ship in it for you."

"Oh God."

"It's the fastest one we have. She's got a sensor mask, strong armor...and the weapons? Oh!"

"I've seen it all before."

"She's also painted chromatic black, and I know how much of a sucker you are for a dark haired girl." Lesko smiled.

Michael raised an eyebrow.

"Not interested?" the Director asked again.

"The only thing I'm interested in is the 40 year old scotch you keep in your special cabinet." he pointed past the other man.

Lesko laughed. "I guess it's the right occasion." he replied. The amber liquid shined as Lesko poured two glasses with ice. "There, on the rocks."

"Thanks." Michael took it, recieving a key card along with it.

"Just think about it." Lesko advised. "Wait until you've at least seen the ship."

Michael tucked the card into his jacket, smiling. "You remember the time you, me and Tim all went to Neptune on vacation?" he asked.

"Port Diablo, it's a hell of a town." Lesko declared.

"Yeah, they say it makes the most honest man a liar. Anyway," he sat up, "There was that one girl at the bar we went to."

"Aurora Climax?"

"Yeah that's her! And Tim walked up to her and asked..."

The two talked on into the night, reminiscing and remembering. Occasionally one would spill, or drain as was more often the case, his glass of alcohol, which was quickly refilled. The sun had long since set, leaving two friends alone to recall the past and decide the future.