Swirling black hair and gleaming eyes
Perhaps it was worth it after all to see you in this state of my possession
You shall be mine for me to play with at my leisure
You shall forgo all freedom with this vow

Yes my husband, I see you
I wish I do not want you so
I can't help it, I am drawn to you as a phoenix to his fire.
With this vow you shall become my fire and burn me ever more.

So you shall burn by me, Wife.
But you know fires are fickled, they yearn to burn more then one being
What shall you do when I spread, darling?
Shall you try to undo me with your tears?

No, Husband, I shall stand.
I shall guard my home and my children for you, lest you return
For I know they will welcome you
Even if I do not

You shall forgive me?

No Husband I shall only forget
Long after the children leave and the house is sold
Then, only then, I shall reminise
For I am strong, my love, woman are stronger than you percieved


Yes, stronger. Perhaps someday I shall not marry you.
Perhaps I shall not be another vagina
Perhaps I shall be something more to you, as you will be something more to me