In darkness i cry
waiting for the one
who'll come and set me free
from this hole of which i've dug

The pain is just too much
i can hardly bear
the feeling that i'm all alone
drowning in my fear

No one is there to help me
at least not that i can see
maybe the one is on his way
maybe i will be free

This false hope is what i'm grasping
clenched tightly in my minds teeth
but if false is all it is
my gullability is what i'll seethe

This knot in my stomach
keeps my thoughts deep inside
all twisted and connected
just like my messed up mind

I've hit rock bottom now
the depression is too great
burried in my sorrow
sadness has too much weight

here i sit alone
swarmed with all my feelings
confused and lost within my mind
my stomach is now reeling

i've lost my way
on lifes great path
hoping for the day to come
when i find it at long last

until then i will drown
emotionally confused
instead of my usually self
easilly amused