heaven sent

broken promises, shattered glass
looking back, looking past
the madness and the shadows
tainted blood, poison love
vengeful gods up above
cast demons down upon us
gossamer wings, sheilded eyes
gentle tears fall from the skies
and burn like acid on the tongue
failed faerytales, half-finished lullabies
whispered hopes hushed by lies
wilt like flowers in the moonlight
tortured screams, insane laughter
monsters hiding in the rafters
wait for a willing victim
king of diamonds, queen of hearts
take me down, part by part
and examine my forgotten prayers
haunted nightmares, living dreams
not at all what life seems
to the naked eye...
but that's what it is.

a/n: so what do you think? any good? i think so but, then again, i think...nevermind. =)

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