beaten and scorned
battered and bruised
silently, my near dead heart pleads to you
hopelessly lost
diseased and decaying
my soul moans softly, loathing what it's saying
you are my life, my truth, my love,
like a lonely angel sent from above
you bring liget where darkness reigns
unafraid, unabashed, when others seem hating
sometimes i wonder why i stay in the shadows and flee the light
you are so near, yet so far away
nothing i ever do or say will bring us together
and because of this, my heart will mimic today's storm forever

a/n: okay this was written like 6 months ago when i first started writing. or trying to write, whichever you prefer. anyway, i lost my inspiration about halfway through so it may not make the best of sense to those of you who don't know how twisted my mind is. but it isn't that bad actually! ^_^; please review!