*~*~*~*~Woohoo! Tenth poem at last! Phew! I'm really tired. I did this poem way late at night so please don't get mad if it's not a very good one. Although I really hope it is nice! Well this one's about how people feel when the one they really love just suddenly leaves them. Very sad, isn't it? Hope you like it!~*~*~*~*
Why did you have to leave?

I've felt the greatest feeling
now flooding in my heart.
But one time you had to leave.
And we just had to be apart.

My love for you was endless
but why did you have to go?
Why did you have to leave?
You left me in sorrow.

You told me you'd leave soon
and you left the next day.
I couldn't control my sadness
my love, you threw away.

I can still remember
how much I loved you
and this I had to ask
if you had loved me too.

I used to have problems
and stayed sadly in despair.
You would come up to me
and show me that you cared.

If only you had known
how many times I often tried
to show my love to you
and the times I often cried.

You've been gone ever since
more than just a mere week.
I've longed for you so much
and thus it's you who I seek.

There are so many things
I haven't bravely spoken.
Things, which I wanted to say
but my heart is now broken.

Why did you have to leave?
My heart has been in pain.
I've cried every single night.
My tears, they fell like rain.

I really miss you so much.
It was you I wanted to see.
I'll keep my hopes forever
then I'll hope you'll see me.
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