*~*~*~*~ ok, ok, i should admit that i've been doin way too many poems
lately. wut can you expect? i'm only trying to ease my pain. well...
through poems, it sorta does me good. i get to express how i feel without
embrassing myself or so i think i don't. not bein an attention-seeker. juz
want to feel like i can do sumthin good for myself.~*~*~*~*

A Love Like No Other

I've always had this feeling
a feeling I can't express.
No matter how hard I try
I just can't handle this stress.

I've loved this someone
but he never cared for me.
I don't think he even knows
the person I could be.

I've loved him for so long.
I loved him or so I thought.
I really can't forget him.
This feeling, I have fought.

The way I feel about him
can't be said through any word.
It's as if he's not just a guy.
He's the best one in the world.

I can't seem to stay far.
I can't seem to ignore him.
My thoughts begin to blur
and the lights have become dim.

I don't know if I can handle
the day once he'll be gone.
The thought of it just hurts me.
For miles, I think I'll run.

He's the one I care for.
The one I love so dearly.
He will never love me back
for I am naive and ugly.

I've been longing for him
till now, I love him still.
I think the sole way to leave him
is for my heart, I'd have to kill.

Crying, I've been doing.
Many smiles I tried to share.
My love is now useless.
The truth is hard to bear.

My love for him is special.
It's the greatest I've ever felt.
As I see his gentle smile
My heart begins to melt.

*~*~*~*~my poems are kinda sad so plz excuse me bout that. but whatever you
think bout them, you could say whatever you want to say. juz plz don't
wreck me by dissin the poem or cursing me. if you guyz are gettin tired of
my poems, plz do tell me bout it in any way ya find possible : through the
reviews, email or whatsoever. thanx. lol! ^_^ P.S. to Miko-chan: I'm
working on the poem you wanted me to make for you so don't worry! (awww!)
juz don't have much time to upload it for now. i promise it will be up by
next week! ~*~*~*~*