The Monuments

A/N: I wrote this on the way back from a field trip. I had seen a monument of a war that we lost; all the names of the Veterans who lost their lives were on the wall. Needless to say, me being the Crybaby I am, lost it and burst into tears. My Grandfather survived that war, just so you know. Please review, I don't care, even if it's a flame, just review. I wont say what war, because it fits for every country's wars that were lost.

I look through tear-filled eyes

At the black stone, and I see the names

The names of the people

Who died in vain

Their bravery turned out to be stupidity

Why did they Go?

Why did they fight, why did they loose?

I picture the blood, the blood of the Veterans

The Veterans who died for us

For us to have a better life

Did they succeed?

Maybe in bravery, but not in fight

Sometimes I wonder, were they brave,

Or did they cry, their last moments of life in tears?

Cry because they wanted to live, or in pride of their country

Or did they sit and await their fateā€¦Death?

They must have loved us pretty damn much,

To die for life.