Oh God, won't you tighten my grasp
Raise up my tongue's faithless rasp
Give me a hope beyond comprehension
Give me a life, my own resurrection
Strengthen my legs to trudge the road
Quicken their step and don't let them be slowed
Give me the stepping-stones through the mire
Give me a vision, a sense of something higher
Don't let me fall back to the pitiful slime
Don't let me speak words that waste Your time, and mine
I'm tired, Lord, give me Your peace
Give me a love that will never cease
Fill my heart with joy until I overflow
So that people around me will instantly know
That I'm happy and free
That a God like You loves a sinner like me
That a life without You is a life lived in chains,
That a song sung with You is forever sustained.
So God I know there's more to sing
Than the sorrow I know life will bring;
So as I walk, just hold my hand,
Down a road I know that You have planned.