This heavy feeling in my chest
This overwhelming emptiness
Soothed only by the warming thought
"Not all is lost, not all for naught."
For as circumstances bid us part,
I take a piece of my lover's heart,
And he of mine. Though now we walk
Alone - no longer hand-in-hand - we talked
Of memories made and times gone passed
That came too soon and fled so fast
To leave us, speechless, standing here
Wondering what shall be our fare
When, after youth life's dice has tossed
We truly learn what all we've lost.
And when risk's price we finally know,
Where, then, do we go?
I took for granted the surety
Of knowing, no matter where I'd be,
You'd, doubtless, be there at my side,
At times of loss and times of pride.
Now, paralyzed, I stand in fear
Not knowing where to go from here.
And as I look up to your eyes
I see a kindred heart that cries
Along with mine - so how can it be
That you turn and walk away from me?
But I look at your life, I look at mine;
They cannot be together and stay true to their own design.
I know that common sense must see us part...
I only wish this farewell's taste was not so tart.
So, as you leave my life with all my love, I cry;
For you walk away with my Bittersweet Goodbye.