My Friend

A/N: I am slowly losing a friend right now; I wanted to write a poem about it…

My Friend

Whom I have cared for

Whom I have leaned on

Whom I have confided in

Whom I have talked to

Whom I have brought into my life

My friend

Who deceived me

Who excluded me

Who talked about me

Who lied to me

Who I thought cared about me

My friend, my greatest friend at school

Excluded me, deceived me, talked about me,

Lied to me.

Tore me

Who shattered my heart, my dreams, and my life

I told you I'm a drama queen, did you listen?

No, you just ripped some more

Sliced my self-esteem

Tore my heart to pieces

Shattered my dreams

My dreams of making a new friend.

You kicked me when I was down

You saw I was in pain

You knew

But in an attempt to be friendly

You excluded me

Did you know you hurt me?

You knew I was hurt

Did you know you hurt me?

My friend.

Whom I have lost.