Author's note: I wrote this story when I was in either 3rd 4th or 5th grade. Well, I do know one thing. I wrote it in 1996, but I don't know what grade I was in. To long ago. =) LoL. Since I wrote this story in Elementary school it might not be very good. Well anyway, enjoy. It's really stupid.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melati. Melati means "Jasmine". She had long black hair. She also had a pet tiger named Melissa.

One day she and her tiger were walking in the forest, when suddenly, they saw a bird. It was blue and had black spots.

"You look lost!" said Melati.

"Tweet, tweet, tweet!" chirped the bird.

"I think you are lost," said Melati. "What do you think, Melissa?"


"Tweet, tweet, tweet!" said the bird.

The trio went all over the forest trying to look for the little bird's home. Soon they came upon a big, fat tree that had moss growing on it.

The little bird chirped, "Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!" The little bird flew up into a nest where two bigger birds were sitting.

Melati said to her pet, "That must be where the little bird lives. Now all we have to do is find our way home. This must be the middle of the forest, so all we have to do is find the beginning of the forest! Now, where is it? We'll go this way!" But that was the end of the forest.

They found a beautiful patch of flowers. "Prrrrrr!" went Melissa.

"You can go ahead and rest. I'll go look around." Said Melati. As Melati was looking in a patch of flowers up popped the little blue and black bird that they helped earlier that day. "Well hello again! What are you doing here?"

"Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet."

"You're here to help us, huh. Well, lead the way! Melissa! Where going home!"

So the little bird helped Melati and Melissa get home safely. They "thanked" the bird and into their home they went. Exhausted.

The End.