I live in the world of black and white,

Where only amazements

Are allowed gray.

What you see as angry reds

Flashing passionately from my eyes

Are no more

Than everyday whites.

The blue tear of sadness

Which I make no effort to hide

Is black-

Just like all the black things

Before it.

You see a grove of green trees,

A magickal faery land of

Unlimited hues-

I can only see color's absence.

...That doesn't mean

I don't hear the wind's voice

As it whispers through the brush;

It doesn't mean

That I can't feel

The same old secrets,

As they glisten over a pond...

I see all that you do.

Black and white

Are just as beautiful as color

If you know how to look at them.

I see everything

Before the artist's brush touches it,

And, am still...

Just like you.

For, I still dream

In whatever rainbow pallet

My mind applies...