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Author: WalkingOnWater Date Started: 12-2-02 Date of Publication: 12-2-02

Words Cannot Speak in Rhyme

Words cannot speak in rhyme

Love can only grow with time When a love grows and shapes the soul Your heart will grow over twenty fold!

Faith in your hands so alone Can only be something that you've shown A willing host A lighting post

A fulfillment you've always wanted The dreams it so many times haunted Like a comb through hair So is the love you share

A waterfall is like a fountain Climbing the highest mountain And when a river seems like a stream That's when love takes over your dream

Reaching for you I am forever near I have found my part when you are here When the day grows old And your heart is lain I stay here in your arms again

Don't forget the power you've shown Don't forget the love you've known Don't forget the heart you've possessed Don't forget the soul you've dressed

Words cannot speak in Rhyme Love can only grow with time And when you've lost all sense of time That's when I know your mine!

Copyright: Babybluedolphinlover

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