Chunks of snow fell onto the white ground and little snowflakes floated onto the little girl's head. Curled up into a little ball, she huddled next to the brick wall and watched the snow fall down to the earth like fallen angels. She thought snowflakes were little devils disguised as angels falling down onto people, making them suffer. She brushed her snow-covered head and sighed. Her teeth chattered as she sat there, shivering. She was so hungry. She cursed the world and everyone in it. All of those happy people at home in warm beds and she was outside, freezing from the cold. She continued to watch the snow fall until an idea came to her. The snow gracefully fell down, and then melted when it touched the ground. She never knew how fragile they were. Then she realized that people are like that, too. We are born and we live our lives and slowly come closer to the ground, and when we do touch it, we melt away and die. Some of the snowflakes were small, medium, large, or even extra large. She thought they represented different people. The small ones were children, medium was adult, large was chubby people, and extra large was fat people. The little girl giggled from her thought. But she realized that all kinds of people die, even children like her. Suddenly she became very tired and warm. An incredible sense of warmth spread throughout her whole body. She looked up one last time and spotted a small snowflake floating down from the sky. It sparkled and danced its way to the ground. It suddenly stopped dancing and became still. It silently floated down and the little girl struggled to watch it. It gracefully stopped and fell on the ground, and melted. A bright light shined in the little girl's face and she fell into a long, peaceful sleep, only to be disturbed by the everlasting, falling snow.