"Prelude to kiss" By: Celtic Moon

They amusement with each other laughing and such,

Don't make that face it was nothing much.

They chuckled at the woman eyeing their play,

Pretending that they were making out in every way.

He moaned with delight,

His hormones acted to take flight.

She covered her visage hiding her grin,

Holding back the feeling from within.

The woman was gone, but still they giggled,

And then she began to wiggle.

But he wouldn't set her free,

She remained to laugh in glee.

Noticed not how close their bodies were,

A pump of the heart soon began to stir.

She sighed and traced a finger on his sensitive ear,

Still he held her dear.

To his surprise she pecked the smoothness of his cheek,

And temptation would presume to leak.

Tenderness caressed and inched to a dangerous territory,

Would be a night to take all glory,

She glided to peck the aching of his lips,

Having to put on cease and come to grips.

The night created atmosphere she couldn't escape,

She cupped her hands in his darling face,

Glad to be in his goodness of grace.

Her mouth met his again but she resisted,

And her heart fisted.

But she looked into his eyes and gave into the lust,

Meeting his tongue was and absolute must.

What was she doing was her only thought,

Thinking of what the hell she had brought.

Heat warmed the cool night of passion,

She took greedily starving for another ration.

No! She thought this is wrong,

Walking away but not for very long.

He stood breathless,

Was now all in a mess.

He said nothing confused I would say,

Such a thing didn't happen ever day.

She glanced back and hurried to him in a rush,

Ravishing his mouth being ever so lush.

He responded all in the same,

All other feeling had seemed to be lame.

Pushing onward with hormones flying,

Sensibility dying.

Having to depart for nightfall had truly conquered the upper atmosphere,

She said a good bye quietly and mere.

But the lad was lost in a kiss that ended a while hence,

She walked in joy closing her fence.

Motionless was he,

And confused was she.

So she walked further to her stay,

And finally went along his way.

A smile upon faces,

Undetected by other traces.