He stares into my eyes
and I look deep into the forest.
Butterflies flit by happily
decorating the manes of unicorns as they land.
Freedom ran in those wild eyes,
and I knew that I wanted to be lost in that place forever,
riding the unicorns
and conversing with the faeries.

I gaze into her eyes
I wonder what she's thinking
as I explore the captive oceans
those little pools of infinity
The depths of the sea are her eyes
liquefied crystal
teeming with life
crashing waves upon my heart

I want to fall into the forest
I lean forward and his lips brush mine,
and a rush of woods perfume
fills my melting senses
Heavy jade canopy above my head
resting on pillars of emerald moss
incense and the candle sun
I raise my hands and fall

How I long to immerse myself
in infinity
molten perfection lies in my hands
and I feel myself slipping
Head first I fall into forever
dying in a calm ocean of madness
warm water fills me
and she melts into my arms

I press my virgin lips to his
I grip his coat to keep from falling
His arms hold around me
but he can't stop my downfall
I'm plummeting

I'll catch you

I've fallen in love

with the ocean-eyed girl.