Happily ever after and once upon a time.

What joyful words are these I speak?

How must these stories be?

If to despair is to turn your back on God,

Then I am walking away.

The road of life is so overgrown,

I can barely set down my feet.

How can this pathway continue on

When I cannot see its way?

I stumble on broken roots and rocks

While I try to see what's ahead.

But it seems the more I strive, the more I lose.

Or maybe what is lost is gone.

The bubble world where I once lived

Has shattered and blown away.

Scattered to the brutal winds,

My life in fragments whirls.

I trip and fall on weeds and brambles

And swear I'll never rise again.

But in the end I stagger up,

And then continue on.

Do I seek to find my life again?

Or am I simply stubborn

And won't admit defeat?

Because I go on, as I always shall.

When I fall I climb back up,

No matter what the cost.

Perhaps at the end I will find meaning.

Perhaps at the end I won't be lost.

As I have been time again.

My eyes dry, I continue on,

No matter what the cost.