::dedicated to those that inspired me and to all my friends:: ::don't mind if it seems sorta 'empty'...you really will need ur imagination...(I'm no author)::

Day one: "Hey!" called Brittany from the other end of the hall. "Wait up!"
Brittany and Florence were best friends, together they walked to class. As usual the teacher took the attendance before class started. Math class was getting boring again.

"If the car went up the road on the hill..."

"But the road is the hill!" interrupts Garret.

We all groan...this was just pathetically stupid. Casey begins to explain, "You see, Garret, the hill is one thing and the road is on top..."

"Forget it, don't bother getting him more confused than he already is..."smiles the teacher. It was perfectly normal for Garret to act stupid. He also had the absolute most hilarious laugh by the way. He would laugh and laugh for no reason at all sometimes. It was loud and you'd be able to hear it from the other end of school-or as the teachers say. Don't get me wrong here...he's not a real idiot or anything, he's pretty nice but sorta weird(I can't find any other way to put it).

School was a great place...not because of the classes but because it was fun to talk with the people there and well...let's say it was just a fun place to be.

The bell rings and all the kids walk out quickly, getting ready for lunch. Mireille walks over to the fountain to get a drink from the fountain- Vera sneaks up and tickles her all of a sudden, just when she had water in her mouth- water sputtered all over the wall and quickly Mireille dashes around Vera and into the classroom, laughing. This happened on a day-to-day basis and besides, they were good friends.

Suddenly all went hushed, the kids all turned around...down the hall, coming their way was Justin with green hair. His dye was totally ruined, he had green 'water' dripping on the side of his face. The kids all started chuckling and giggling, he was a genuine clown that did stupid immature things. People began calling him broccoli because his hair and face was green. Justine always was prone to doing something stupid or having something happen to him that was silly.

There was this one time when their class went to go skiing and he had somehow broken his ski pole while going down the hill...it was pathetic and funny. You'd really have to have been there. Justin was the type that always somehow made you laugh...you never know why either. His friend was dared to lick the ski lift and he was dumb enough to do it- his tongue got stuck and when he yanked it off it was bleeding, leaving a trail behind him. Basically they were all pretty ridiculous. But what would we do without them?

Well, back to where we were. The next subject was health. They were learning about drugs and their assignment was to do a skit about a drug.

The kids divided themselves into froups and Mireille, Florence, Casey, Darcey, & Vera were in a group(no duh). Darcey was known to be somewhat obnoxious...and she doesn't mind being known for it. She got along with other people in general but sometimes it causes some conflicts. Anyway Darcey was the 'ambulance' and when calling the mother of the 'drugie' she goes, "Mrs...you have better come 'n see you daugher, she had an overdose of drugs and she's dead"

"Oh no! I can't believe it!"

"Well I'm sorry to break it to you but you have to come cus she's dead and- you just have to come to the hospital now"(how like Darcey to seem so uncaring)

While the 'mother' is 'sobbing' Darcey comes over, leads her away and says breathily, "We have therapy for people like you...come." Of course we all began to laugh.

The day passes much like this and before long it's time to go.

The same group of girls wait at the front and Brittan'y dad pulls up in his car. Justine was standing behind them and cried out hysterically, "Are you Mr. Clarkson?!"
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