" that really happen?!, breathed Casey, awestruck.

"Yep! He jumped out of the window."

"You're kidding!.right?"



"Didn't you notice that he wasn't here today?"


This guy had jumped out of a window-a second story window mind you- because he thought he'd get paid a lot. I don't believe he was paid though. Heh.

science Deirdre was putting her hair up with pencils. *gasp* The teacher raises his eyebrow quizzically.

"Well, that looks . 'll definitely stand out if you leave like that!"

While that was going on Justin was sticking skittles up his nose and sniffing crushed skittles. Ewww. Gross! He sneezed very hard and his eyes were watering.

"Hey?! You got a staring problem?" (Justin was embarrassed to find a few girls staring at him funny.)

" 's wrong with your eyes? They're looking a bit strange." (girls giggle nervously)

The bell rings and they walk out of the room.

"Whoa! Who is THAT? What is IT?!"

On various lockers there were posters of some guy in an odd looking, flowery dress, high heels, hat, know. It was in black and if they had been in .woohoo! Now that would've been really funny. People had their suspicions on who it was but-well you 'd own up to something as ridiculously funny as that?! are weird people in this world like .

During lunch "the group" was enjoying themselves, in spite of having been kicked out of their regular hallway again. Ahh! Someone had brought "caps" (those things that pop in b-b guns.) Since Solana was scared of them Darcey snuck up from behind her-POP! Solana screams and a group of older students pass by laughing at . The poor girl.

Solana and Mireille decided to go outside by the bike racks to wait for the others during the middle of lunch time to "kill"/pass the time. While they were bored silly (literally) they began "conversing" with the bikes. After they were bored of that they raced each other by seeing who could count the bikes present more quickly. Deirdre was one of the first to come hears what the other 2 are up to and comes up with a 'bright' idea.

"Hey! Let's name the bikes!"

(well then.)

Deirdre names the 1st one Ralph and didn't get a chance to continue because the others had come .it was about time! (By this time Mireille and Solana pretty much really killed think time would like it if it knew how it was spent?.)

of the , "Where's mother nature? I'd like to have a little talk with her.*smile*"

The others just gape at her thinking she's a .

Later on in Geography was very close to Florence's birthday and she was very excited (of course!). She states matter-of-factly, "I'm turning 15 on the 15th this year!"

Deirdre goes, "Don't you turn 15 on the 15th every year?"

"What?! Hey! have you been these past 15 yrs? Asleep?!" ( .but nevertheless, funny.)

Whew! (the fire alarm goes off!.oh a fire drill! *sighs*)

The class walks ! Some of the guys were in their gym and they were bright! LOL. Serves 'em how THEY feel being stared at. Well, anyway.

They came back and the class went to the library. At one round table sat Florence, Mireille, Deirdre, Vera and Scott. While the girls were doing their work Scott stood up to go find was recently chewed gum stuck to the back of his pants, trailing behind him. They stifled their not for long. It just busted out because it just couldn't be held in anymore. Scott turns around and asks if he can know what's so funny. The girls barely manage o shake their heads because they are laughing so hard. He later finds out and turns red in the face. Aww.

Solana and Mireille decided to watch a movie together later that evening.

(I know this ISN"T in school but bear with me.)

"Hey, Solana! My mom and I'll pick up in say 15 ?" (Mireille and Solana are at home)

"Alright! See you then!"

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


"C'mon! we gotta get our tickets now."

The lady at the counter was very kind.

" was actually nice this she's crabby." whispers Solana to Mireille as they turned around and began to walk away.

"Really? That's pretty kewl."



"Let's go take a walk around in the mall."

" !"

In one particular store a little boy was talking to his reflection in the mirror. Cute thing to the girls were giddy and couldn't help laughing when they were farther ahead. It was pretty much like this when they reached the pet store, them being extra hyper.

"Oh! Look at that chinchilla!" exclaims Mireille, "They haven't had 'em here for a while!"

" cute thang."

That's pretty much how following moments went. They finally went back to the theatres to watch a the movie they were laughing hysterically over certain parts that people would usually not necessarily find cars . The guys sitting behind them figured the 2 girls were a bunch of people that belonged to the loonie bin. .that's the end of THAT/THIS day! Who knows what'll happen next!