O.K. I wrote this as a satire of the body image projected to young girls by the media and corpoations. It is written in the Swift-style, (basically taking the thing that pisses you off and saying that you think it doesen't piss you off/ saying ways to make it "better") just incase you didn't know. ok!

Ladies and gentlemen, Of my corporation large, I had a dream last night in which, I saw beyond the stars, These girls who buy our clothing, And watch our T.V. shows, Who eat and eat their vegetables, Who love Carson in droves, These girls are so unhealthy, Their buttocks are so big! Their thighs with fat are wealthy, They're walking, talking pigs! Most of them take a size 3, Size 3! Can you believe it? That means their waists are 25 inches round, Too much, by more than a wee bit! Half that size is more than enough, For any girl to attain, There are no repercussions, 'Cept death or severe pain! Pants will now start at size 7 (so big) And go down to negative 8. That means when a girl sits down to eat, Just a lima bean on her plate. Now, if starving is not enough, To make her oh-so thin, Our company's new diet pills, Will surely help her win! Not only will they strip the fat, But water, muscle, bone! Her hair may become lack luster, But her waist size will atone! And, should her cheeks grow sallow, Or her eye sockets quite dark, Our company's new make-up, Will give her that extra spark! And if she dies an early death, At least her friends will say, "She was so small and pretty, I'd like to go her way."