Author's Note: This is just a little something I wrote for a school project. Flame and I thought it was pretty good so I posted it.


The Scars of War

We stand alone on the battlefield

Where so many of our friends had died

We listen to the deathly still

And gaze up at the starlit skies

What was the point of all this pain?

The blood of all our comrades slain

What was the meaning of all that was lost?

Was it worth all the torment and destruction it cost?

Sometimes the price that we pay for a battle

Is far higher than we can afford

Only to be used when all choice is exhausted

To win justice by shield and sword

Yet even though we have won the war

Achieved the purpose for which we have strived all these years

We have found that we can never truly forget

And our victory is dulled by sorrow's tears

Only the wind ever seeking ahead

Over the fields and the graves of the dead

Hollow lament of all that's no more

The wounds left behind in the passing of war

Such scars cut deep and are slow in healing

Scoring the soul, the heart of feeling

None of us had really expected

How strongly we would all be effected

And now that it's over it's hard to turn away

Dark memories that shall never fade

Hard to accept that so many are gone

In our world no longer, their spirits passed on

What happened can never be undone

As surely as the songs were sung

We must force ourselves to turn away

To end the darkness, receive the day


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