Cupid's Arrow


"Oh my god... like wow. Aren't you that guy everybody's talkin' about?" I tilted my head to one side and started twisting my dirty blonde hair around my fingers. "I'm so lucky. I mean you just totally toppled me over, but that so doesn't matter. It was my fault for standing where I was. Like who am I to be in your way."

"Can't you just say 'fuck you asshole' like any other normal human being?" he sighed as he got to his feet. He glanced down at me and held a hand out in offering. With a raised brow I took it. As he helped me up I kept on expecting him to do something underhanded like let me go so I'll fall flat on my ass, but he didn't.

"Wow, a gentleman. Very rare these days," I remarked. The closest thing to a compliment I've ever given anyone.

"Well you mustn't have met many decent men."

"Men," I laughed, adding a little 'Ha!' to show my incredulousness at the very thought of any of those crotch scratching, bumbling fools actually being perceived as men. I'm truly scared to think that one day they'll reproduce and send their little spawns out into the world. A shudder crept down my spine at the thought. Scary.

"Are you always this hostile towards guys?" came a little annoying buzz.

I turned my attention to the teen before me. Amazed he hadn't already wandered off.

"You still here?" I asked, though it was quite obvious he was. The guy was right in front of me for goodness sake.

"Yeah," he slowly said.

"Um, why?"

He opened his mouth to answer.

"There you are. I've been waiting for you forever," came a shrill voice.

"Oh god, not her," I groaned. It seems pretty boy has already decided on which witch he wants.

"Eros what are you still doing here? I thought we were supposed to meet at the front gate," she said, practically shoving me out of the way to get to him.

"Hello! People standing here," I said slowly. Using words I knew her brain could handle. Don't want that tiny thing to go into overdrive, now do we?

She gave me an icy glare and snarled, "Since when did you become people?"

I pressed a finger to my chin as if in deep thought. "I can't really remember but I think it was about the same time you became a skank."

Her cheeks puffed out in a very unflattering way and I swear there was smoke coming out of those ears of hers as she stomped her foot. All signs of another spoiled little brat. I stared at her. No wonder her parents give her everything she wants. She looks so damn cute when she gets mad. Starts gagging. Not!

"I'll love to stick around and chat but I actually want to do something pro-duct-tive with my time," I said, sounding out the three-syllable word so she'd understand. People these days just can't appreciate how considerate I am. I mean all I was trying to do was help build on her vocabulary and she just growled at me.

"Keep away from me you little cow and keep away from Eros too. Neither of us wants you around okay," she snapped. She took a step towards me trying to actually look threatening, which was a total laugh. I use to play soccer with twenty or so butch guys. It'd be a cold day in hell before a stick insect like her intimidates me. Can't blame the girl for trying though.

Instead of coming up with some snappish retort of my own I walked over to Eros who was watching the little display with mute interest. I've learned long ago getting mad only feeds their sick little egos. I think that's what frustrates people most about me I never get mad I just find other ways to get under their skins. I ran a hand over the hard contours of his chest and smacked my lips together making sure Rachael witnessed every single movement. I let my hand drift lower and like the guy he is he did nothing to stop me even with his prospective girl looking on. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. Instead opting to trace circles over his firm abs with my fingers. I had to admit he does have a nice body, but then again they all do.

"I guess this means we can't go on our little drive to Crescent Lake," I pouted trying to sound truly disappointed.

"You're such a tart," Rachael sneered glaring daggers at me.

"Yes and I bow before you, oh mighty queen," I said, doing just that.

I then flicked my hair away in true Charlie's Angels style before making my exit, blowing a kiss to the unusually quiet Eros as I made my way out. He was very talkative in class. I wonder what caused the sudden change. I giggled to myself. Couldn't have been something I did, could it?

"Romeo," I called. There was no reply. "Oh Romeo!"

Not a second later a huge white and gray dog runs into the room, its thick fur plastered to the stocky frame beneath with soapy water. I kneeled down to let my ever trusty companion place sloppy kisses all over my face, unable to help but laugh at the ticklish feel.

"You stupid mutt," came an angered yell.

He started whimpering, his blue eyes silently pleading with me. I chuckled at the sight. Finding myself breaking into outright laughter when I saw the drenched woman chasing after him, a less than pleased look on her face.

Her expression immediately softened at the sight of me but turned hard once more after spotting the Old English sheepdog by my side.

"You're in big trouble mister," she said.

Romeo lifted a paw over his square face. Something he always does whenever he knew someone was mad at him. It was utterly adorable.

"Don't be mad Jenna. It was my fault for calling him. He can't help be excited to see me," I reasoned. He let out a few loud barks as if to say I'm right. That's what I love most about him. He's smart, which is much more than I can say about most of my classmates.

She rolled her eyes but still wore a warm smile on her face. She would never say so but I knew she had a soft spot for me. Out of my two sisters I have always been the one who was able to wriggle out of most of the punishments set by our overly strict nanny.

"I'll let him off but he better not be around during the party tomorrow night. Lots of important people are coming and your parents don't want a repeat of last time," she warned.

"I'll personally make sure there won't be," I promised. Utter my breath I quietly added, "But I sure wouldn't mind if there was."

Jenna shook her head as she strolled over and took hold of Romeo's collar. With his head bowed he followed her, obviously knowing treats were at stake.

"Oh, your mother wants you to try on your costume to see if it fits," she told me just before disappearing into the next room. "It's on your bed."

I trudged up the stairs. My parents were at work and of course my sister wasn't home. Who is my sister you might ask? Well, I'll give you a hint. She's a brunette, has wide green eyes, is actually a follower of the Wicked Witch Clan and right now is probably cruising down the streets of Milliet Hills with the new guy. I'm ashamed to admit it, but Princess Rachael is actually related to me, hopefully not for too long. I'm still trying to prove she's adopted.

I pushed the door to my room open. Just as Jenna said the costume was sitting right on my bed. It was filled with hesitation that I headed towards it and I had every right to be hesitant. Last year I had to be Little Bo Peep because my mother thought it'd be cute if I brought Romeo with me dressed as a sheep. Needless to say I hated every second of it.

I unzipped the covering to unveil this year's costume and inwardly groaned at the sight of the flimsy white dress. At the shoulders two golden coins held the top together leaving the neckline to hang loosely in a boat neck and the split sleeves to fall over each arm. The waist looked like it was going to be a tight fit and the skirt of the dress came down in many layers of all different lengths, each thinner than the last and all completely see through. Beside the dress was a pair of golden shoes with long ribbons that were to be crossed up all the way to my knees. It looked like something right out of Ancient Rome or Greece and I knew where my parents were going with this. There was no doubt in my mind that my sister had a similar costume along with both my parents.

"I guess I have to pick which goddess I want to me," I sighed. My dad would probably choose Zeus, my mother I'm guessing would be Athena and knowing Rachael as I do she'd want to be Aphrodite. I bit my lip as I thought about it.

A smile then crept to my lips. Deciding to rebel I didn't choose any of the gods. I chose a mortal, one that shared my name. Psyche.

A/N: Hello! I'm just going to list a few of the Greek gods in the story for those who may be a little confused. Eros is the Greek name for the God of Love and Cupid is the Roman name. I'm going to use both in the story but of course more of the Greek names. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love/Beauty and her Roman name is Venus. BTW most of your questions will be answered in the next chapter with Eros because of course Thera knows nothing bout him or his intentions. Hehe...