Final Fight

Finally the bell rang and the fight was over. Jack couldn't see out of his left eye. It had been hit it so many times that it was closed shut. Through his other eye he could see his opponent stumbling to his corner. He heard the announcement that he, 'The Chain Saw', was the winner.

Jack fell into his corner, watching the young fighter being talked to by his coach and trainer. He wondered where he would be if he still had the so-called experts around him. He hadn't been with a trainer or a coach since he won the big fight and had become the Champion on of the World. Got rid of them. Didn't need a coach or a trainer any more now he was the Champ. He was good enough to coach himself and he didn't need to train so hard. He had just proved that by winning this fight. He ripped off his gloves and gingerly walked to the shower room.

Jack sat down in his favourite armchair and drank one of the cold beers he had picked up on the way home. He looked around the room, admiring its size and expensive furnishings. His favourite was the massive TV screen that was the size of one of the walls. He like spending the money he earned defending his belt. He had defended the belt about 20 times. He was unstoppable. The Chainsaw who mowed people down. Wiped them out. He finished off the last beer and decided that he should probably go to bed. Jack stumbled to the bedroom and collapsed on the king-sized bed. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Jack awoke to someone banging at his door. He looked up at the clock with his only good eye and saw it was 2:00pm. He sat up on the bed and was aching all over. His face felt like it had been run over by a truck, twice. Jack walked to the door and opened it. Standing in front of him was a young man about 24, five years younger than Jack. He was about the same height as Jack, standing at about 6 feet and he was about the same build as him too. They both stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other. Jack was still sore, he had to lean up against the doorframe.

Finally he spoke, 'My name is Harry Gunn and I want your belt.'

Jack just stood there amazed, 'Excuse me?' he asked.

'I think you heard me,' the young man said, not taking his eyes of Jack, 'I want to fight you for your belt.'

Jack just thought he was another challenger so he accepted the challenge.

'Ok then, when?'

'I'm ready to go right now but you'll need time to get ready so I'll give you two months.'

Harry turned and left and Jack closed the door. He was still sore all over from yesterday's fight so he went back to bed.

Harry just smiled to himself as he walked back to his car. He finally had a chance to fight to become World Champion. He got into his car and drove off. On the way home he stopped in at the gym. He worked out for the rest of the afternoon. Harry stepped out of the shower after his long work out. He wrapped the towel around himself and walked over to his locker. Hanging up inside the locker was his boxing robe, a tracksuit, a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and his red boxing gloves. He put on the jeans and t-shirt and walked over to the mirror. He combed his hair and smiled to himself. He wasn't that bad a looking man, he thought to himself. He was in great physical condition and he knew it. He flicked his blonde hair with the comb and then walked out to his car.

On his way home he stopped into see his girlfriend. She lived just a block away from Harry's place. She was the same age as Harry but she looked younger. She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had the most beautiful smile Harry had ever seen. He had fallen for her the first time he had seen her. They had been together for about two years now and she had never seen any of his fights. She despised watching him fight and felt sick every time he stepped into the ring. Harry knew she didn't like him fighting but fighting was his life and not even the love of his life could change that.

Jan opened the door even before he had knocked. She had been waiting for him to come around. They embraced each other for a while before she led him inside. She went into the kitchen to make two coffees while Harry sat down on the couch. Jan put the coffees on the table when she came into the room and cuddled up to Harry on the couch. They both sat there telling each other about their days and when Harry told Jan about his next fight she jumped off the couch. She didn't like the idea of him fighting the Champion of the World.

'Harry please don't do this,' she begged him.

Harry couldn't believe that he was hearing this.

'This is a chance for me to become what I have always wanted,' he turned to look her right in the eyes, 'I thought you of all people would understand that.'

This made her feel really small. She knew this was is dream and who was she to stop him from following his dreams.

'I'm so sorry,' she said hugging him, 'You're right it is up to you. I'll be by your side what ever you decide.' They hugged for a few moments before he said goodbye and drove home. Jan looked out the window and watched Harry drive off up the street. She walked into the bedroom and went to bed.

Jack woke up at 11:00am the next morning. He had a shower and made himself some breakfast. Five raw eggs and a bowl of muesli were what he liked to have for breakfast when a fight was coming up. He finished getting ready and he glanced at the clock. It was now 11:50am, he had 10 mins before he had to be at a press conference to make his up coming fight legal. He had received the phone call last night from Harry Gunn's manager to let him know where the conference was being held. Jack didn't really like press conferences but it was a chance for him to let the world know he wasn't afraid of this new challenge, and that was the truth. He wasn't afraid of any challenges. He is the Champ and he could never be beaten. He closed his front door and walked to his car.

Harry was already answering questions when Jack Saw arrived. As soon as the champion walked in, the press left Harry and went straight to Jack. Jack told them he would only answer questions about his up coming fight and only in the conference. He loved all the attention he got from the media. Both men took their seats at the front of the room in front of all the cameras and reporters. The reporters all threw many questions at the two fighters throughout the conference. Harry let his manager answer all his questions while Jack was happy to tell the world that he was the best and could not be beaten. The reporters liked the fact Jack was so confident and asked him the most questions. Harry was getting annoyed and decided to end the conference. He told his manager that he had had enough. His manager wrapped up the conference by thanking the reporters for coming. Their fight was now known to the whole world. Both men exchanged glances and went their separate ways. Harry went to the gym to work out and Jack went to the pub.

Weeks went by and the fight was now only a day away. Harry had worked out every day and was in the best physical condition of his career. But the press still had Jack as the favourite. Jack's approach to the fight was totally different to Harry's. He only worked out for about an hour every week and wasn't in as good a condition as Harry. Jack had spent most of the two months doing television commercials and promoting new sporting products. Throughout the two months neither of the fighters had laid eyes on each other.

The press was labelling this World Title match as the hardest title defence Jack Saw had ever faced. Jack just laughed off these comments, not really worrying about it. To him it was just another fight that he would win. I'm the best and can't possible be beaten. Jack showed how worried he was by spending the night before the fight at the pub drinking until he was kicked out.

Harry on the other hand worked out on the last day until about 4:30pm. He was going to get an early night but first he would go and see Jan. He pulled up at the front of her house and she was waiting for him on the front step. He waved to her as he got out of the car. She led him inside and they sat in the lounge and talked. She still didn't like the idea of him fighting the champion but she had all faith in him and knew he could win.

Harry lent over to Jan and kissed her.

'Are you coming to the fight?' he asked her.

Jan had never been to any of his fights but she knew how important this one was to him.

'I'll be there,' she said leaning over and kissing him back.

This pleased Harry because he had always wanted her to see him fight. The clock on the table next to him changed to 7:00pm. He had better get home he thought. He kissed her again and said goodbye. She wanted to stay like this forever but she knew when he had a fight their was no messing around. She showed him out and watched him drive up the street. She only hoped that nothing bad would happen to him tomorrow.

Thousands of boxing fans poured into the stadium to watch the Champion Jack Saw fight Harry Gunn. The stadium was full in no time. It was now 6:45pm, fifteen minutes before the fight was scheduled to start. Both fighters were in their changing rooms getting ready for the fight. Harry had been there since 2:00pm. He had a light work out in the morning to warm him up. He sat in his changing room in silence. His manager and trainer were already in the stadium waiting for Harry to come. He was wearing black shorts and he had black boxing gloves. He was totally focused. He hadn't moved a muscle for the last five minutes. He could hear the cheers of the spectators echoing through the stadium walls. He lifted himself out of his chair and walked towards the door. It was time.

Harry was the first out of the two fighters to get into the ring. He stepped in and raised his arms in the air. The fans cheered as Harry walked around the ring and then settled down in his corner. His trainer was talking to him trying to make sure he was focused. Then the stadium erupted with a huge roar as the Champ walked to the ring. Jack stepped into the ring and saluted the crowd. They love me, he thought to himself, and so they should, I'm the greatest. Jack rubbed his head. He still had a hangover from the pub the night before.

The announcer introduced both fighters to the crowd with Jack getting the loudest cheer. The referee stepped into the ring and told both fighters the basic rules. He then sent the fighters to their corners. Jack and Harry stood looking right into each other's eyes. They both waited for the bell to ring to start the fight. Harry had a quick glance into the crowd looking for Jan. He couldn't see her. Maybe he just hadn't seen her. Then the bell rang. The fight had started.

The crowd cheered as both fighters began exchanging blows. Jack was certainly the most aggressive to being with. He threw combinations of lefts and rights into Harry's body. Both fighters danced around the ring returning each other's blows. This went on for five rounds. Neither of the two looked like they had the upper hand. Jack was beginning to tire. He wasn't as fit as he thought he was. His punches were starting to miss their targets whereas Harry's weren't. The bell rang to end the fifth round. Both fighters were tired but Harry was just getting his rhythm. Blood poured out of the cuts on Jack's face. He sat in his corner taking a swig of water as he watched Harry being attended to by his trainer. Harry was staring right back at him. This began to worry Jack. Jack knew that he wasn't in control any more.

The bell rang again for the sixth round to begin. Both fighters stood up and gingerly walked to each other. Harry was holding his hands up ready to fight. Jack saw a grin appear on Harry's face as he walked closer to him. Harry was the first to attack this time. His big right-handed hook connected with Jack just on his jaw. Jack fell straight to the ground. Jack knew this would be it. He couldn't win from here. He looked up to see Harry standing above him yelling at him to stand up. Jack got up on one knee. Harry was still yelling at him so Jack thought he would shut him up. Jack stood up and started to attack Harry. The referee was trying to break it up but Jack kept coming. Harry was trying to defend himself but the referee was in the way. Jack leaned over and bit Harry on the neck. Harry screamed at the top of his voice. Jack stepped back and grinned. Harry's blood trickled from his mouth. All of a sudden something came over Harry. Something he couldn't control. Harry just snapped.

Harry pushed Jack into his own corner and started punching him. Harry kept punching and punching until he finally stopped. Jack fell to the floor. Harry could see Jack fall down and he wasn't moving. People were screaming at others to call for an ambulance. Harry's manager and trainer had managed to calm Harry down but he was still looking at Jack. He still wasn't moving. Harry didn't know what to do. He started looking around for Jan. He screamed out her name at the top of his voice. Almost pleading her for help. He couldn't see her. Harry looked back at Jack. He still hadn't moved. The paramedic over Jack's body looked up at Harry.

'He's dead.'