The corridor is long and the nurse is sick of walking up it. She arrives at the cell. She peers through the slit where she puts the food. It is totally dark in there. She can only just make out the figure of a man in the corner. He doesn't say anything. He stares at her, a vacant, scary look.

The nurse places the plate of food in the slit. She knows when she returns he won't have eaten anything. She turns away, walks back down the corridor.

2 Years Earlier

Harry sat in the shower room wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. His hands wouldn't stop shaking. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Jack just wouldn't get up. Jack,. The Champion of the World, why wouldn't he get up? Harry could still see Jack's lifeless body lying on the floor of the ring. But for some reason he wasn't sorry that Jack was dead. A smile crept across Harry's face. He'd just killed a guy and he didn't even care.

Harry spent the night at the police station giving his statement. The detective who took it told him that he was free to go, but not to leave town. By the time Harry arrived home he was at peace with himself. He had a quick snack and went to bed.
Detective Black sat back in his chair and looked again at the file on his desk. He had been there all night looking at the file on the death of Jack Saw. He thought it would be a pretty open and shut case of one guy beating another guy to death, but this was in a boxing match and wasn't that the whole idea of boxing? Detective Black got up and placed the file away in a filing cabinet. He decided to go home to get some sleep before he returned bright and early.

Harry woke up the next morning full of energy. He decided to go for a run to wake himself up. On his run, he passed Jan's house. He jogged back and knocked on her door. She didn't answer. He hadn't seen her since the night before the fight, the fight that had changed his life. She was supposed to have been at the fight but he didn't see her there. Had she lied to him? He turned away from her house and continued running home.

Detective Black sat in his desk chair looking over the file on Harry Gunn for the fifth time this morning. Something wasn't right about the whole thing. He didn't understand how a guy could kill someone and not go to jail for it.

After becoming the Champion of the World, Harry had thousands of reporters ringing him up for interviews. But they didn't want to talk about his career. The most common questions asked were 'How does it feel to kill a man?' or 'Are you sorry for what you did?'. All they cared about was Jack Saw and he wasn't even alive any more. Bloody reporters.

Detective Black didn't have enough for a conviction. He knew Harry had killed the former world champion but he didn't have any proof that it wasn't during the fight. He had interviewed people who had been at the fight and even the referee, but they were not very helpful. Because the fight was not telecast, he only had a spectator's video. The quality of the video was terrible because it had been filmed with a hand-held camera. But despite the poor quality of the video it looked like Harry had killed Jack during the fight. Detective Black kept looking at the video, looking for something more.

Weeks after the fight Harry still hadn't heard from Jan. He was losing his temper, throwing things around his house. Everyday he went to her house, banging on the door, screaming her name. Bitch, why was she ignoring him? He almost hit a guy on the street because he was with a woman who looked like Jan.

'Bingo!' Detective Black screamed at the top of his voice, 'That son of a bitch.'

Black had been watching the video of the fight again and this time he had the volume up really loud to compete with the noise of the rest of the station, who was holding a party for their Chief's birthday. That is when he heard it. The faint sound of the bell ringing to signal the end of the fight, before Harry had delivered the final blow which killed Jack. He had never heard the bell before due to the noise from the crowd. He smiled to himself knowing he would be able to put this guy away.

Detective Black smiled to himself as he started up his car. He would finally be able to put away a murderer. He had never found the man who beat his brother to death 5 years ago and ever since he vowed to himself to imprison ever murderer he could. Damn he missed his little brother.

Harry was in the gym, releasing some of his anger, when the cops came around with a warrant for his arrest.

'What's this about?' Harry asked as a policeman put handcuffs on his wrists.

'You are under arrest for the murder of Jack Saw.' A policeman read him his rights as he was shoved into the back of a police van.

Harry Gunn spent one year in prison, which Detective Black was not happy about. He had finally been able to put a murderer away and he only got one year. He didn't have enough evidence to put him away for longer.

During his year in prison, Harry Gunn had grown angrier and angrier at Jan and Detective Black. He had revenge on his mind as he stepped out of his cell. He caught a taxi home. He didn't even have time to think and he was already in his car driving to Jan's place. He pulled up just as she was coming out. She saw him coming and quickly ran inside, locking the door. She didn't know this man any more but she knew he was capable of killing.

Detective Black was filing away an old case when the phone rang. It was Jan. Detective Black knew what he had to do. He quickly stood up and ran to his car. He opened his glove box and checked for his gun. It was there fully loaded. He started the car and drove to the woman's aid.

'Let me in bitch!' Harry yelled kicking on Jan's door. He could hear her crying. 'Just open the fucking door you stupid bitch, I just want to talk to you.'
Harry kept kicking the door and yelling at her.
'Put your hands on your head and step away from the door,' a voice behind Harry said.
Harry turned around and standing there, with his gun pointed at Harry, was Detective Black.
'How about you mind your own business copper,' Harry said taking a few steps towards Black.
'I'm not going to tell you again,' the Detective said, gripping his gun tighter, 'Stay where you are.'

Detective Black's attention was distracted for a second as Jan began to unlock the door. Harry seized this opportunity and pulled out his own gun. He fired the gun once hitting Detective Black in the chest and knocking him to the ground.

Harry turned back around and shoved the door open. Jan was on the ground from the force of Harry opening the door.
'Get up, bitch!' Harry yelled at her as he grabbed her arm and pulled her up. He slammed her against the wall and pointed the gun at her face.
'Now, why the fuck did you leave me? Huh?'
Jan's legs felt like jelly as she was frightened out of her skin.
'Tell me, or I'll blow your fucking head off!'
Jan could see Harry's grip on the gun tighten. He wasn't joking he was really going to do it. She could see his finger start to pull the trigger and then... BANG!

Harry's body fell to the ground, pulling Jan down with him. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and rushed all three to the hospital. Detective Black had a punctured lung and was going to be just fine after a few days of relaxing. Harry too was alive, with a bullet to his right shoulder, which paralysed his whole right arm. Jan was just getting over the stress of the ordeal.

Detective Black's day in court arrived. Harry was sentenced to life imprisonment but his doctor pleaded insanity and he was given a sentence of life in the maximum-security mental asylum. Harry was truly insane. But to Harry, insanity was the form of a true genius. He laughed to himself in his cell every night.

Other than laughing to himself in his cell, he made no other sound. He never ate the food he was given, instead choosing to live on the rodents he killed. He sat in total darkness staring at the slit in the door. The only source of light in his cell. Outside of his cell was the nurse handing him his meal that he would not eat anyway.