The Prison I call Home

I complain to you. I only remain in this prison of a home because I have no where else to go.

Everything I am makes it harder to live in a world where everyone wants to control everything.

How can a free spirit live in a world that only knows oppression.

So I hide away from you, close my mind and heart to you and hide inside my world of music and thought.

There I plan my escape and ponder my existance, there I learned to control my emotions and every form of expression.

Once in a while I escape you and your prying eyes, I leave and am free giving others as much love and wisdom as I can and in return I allow myself to feel alive to enjoy those too few moments of my life that I control.

One day I'll be able to leave, able to live under my control, then I'll leave you all alone, to dominate and control until you've obliterated each other until you've wasted your lives in the struggle for the order you demand of each other.

When I'm free you will not be able to reach me, to influence me or try to control me like I let you now, because I won't be there, and I'll never be your prisoner again.

I thank you as well. for giving me a prison it's all you knew how to do and as much as I despise the way I was forced to live, I know it was all you could give.

Authors Note: No I haven't sent this to my parents and I never will. It wasn't intended to be so much as a letter to them as it was a method of clarification for myself.