This prison of so called brotherhood where you are neither truly with anyone or at all alone, where they can say they love you then refuse to talk to you in the same breath. Where anything you do that doesn't match their ideals immediatly and non negotiably marks you as they soon will me, as wrong, wicked, and a bad influence.

I told them today, just as last time, when the pressure is high and I feel an urge to speak out. To explain, to tell of all the pain, there is in my minds Hell. I said, as I would that there are a compendium of reasons, but that the truth has stayed the same throughout the many seasons. I am not one of their kind and I don't think I'll ever be, I refuse this prison and the supression you try to place on me. Now the future looks uncertain, the waters ahead choppy, but at least I'm not alone, I can keep them with me. For I don't have to hide anymore, I can speak to them finally as parents, I don't want to fly away anymore, I just want them to understand my errance in their eyes.